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Locked out of your own vehicle? Here’s a definitive guide to regaining access

When was the last time you found yourself saying, ‘Where are my car keys?’ and then launching a hunt for the ever-evasive set of keys? Perhaps, a week ago or maybe even today? Keys, being small yet sophisticated objects, are on the list of the most commonly lost possessions. However, losing a car key can be an expensive proposition – one that will set your bank balance back by a couple hundred dollars. Infused with transponder chips, these aren’t your average crudely cut mechanical keys but are rather a complex mélange of both electrical and mechanical components.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably lost your keys a gazillion times, or are taking the smart route and prepping yourself for the inevitable. Either way, a little foresight can get you out of a messy situation.

The consequences of a lost car key:

Consider this: you step out of your car after a painstakingly long drive for a breath of fresh of fresh air. Inadvertently, you slam the door shut behind you, with the keys still inside. You don’t have a spare with you and you’re probably miles away from the nearest garage. Add to that late hours or uncooperative weather and you have the perfect recipe for a disaster. Highways aren’t safe, nor are they welcoming. You might be stuck in an area with bad network reception and find it hard to call for help. What do you do? Read this guide and be prepared.

Lost car keys, but no spare?

• Remain calm and composed. Don’t push the panic button
• Check your pockets to confirm if you don’t have a spare
• Call your friends or family who can bring your spare to you
• Check all the windows and doors to see if you’ve left anything open
• Move your car aside so it doesn’t block oncoming traffic
• Smile at passersby; do not give them the impression that you’re in trouble
• Do not try any unverified do-it-yourself tricks you find on the internet
• Call a towing service if you’re close to the city
• Reach out to a professional locksmith if all else fails

Why calling a locksmith is the best solution?

Swiping a credit card , using shoe loses or a coat hanger are tricks that may have worked on older models of vehicles, but they are no longer relevant today, thanks to the amplified security cars these days come equipped with. Out of sheer desperation, you might try throwing a brick, breaking the windows and gaining access, however, you need to think of the aftermath before you do that. Doing so, will cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs!

Why resort to such extremes when you’ve got Un***d locksmith (name hidden for privacy concerns) by your side? The company runs a 24-hour service throughout Atlanta, US and can get to any location in less than 20 minutes, thanks to its massive network of mobile workshops. Expert locksmiths often have a workaround that doesn’t involve brutally destroying your car’s locks or windows and can help you regain access without inflicting any damage.

Store this number XXX- XXX- XXXX on your phone! That’s the only way you can prep for such emergencies.

Author: Carolyn D'souza

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