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5 Amazing reasons to visit the happiest place on earth: Las Vegas

Las Vegas- is the one destination that is hailed by popular media as the “Happiest place on Earth”. From providing wholesome entertainment to gambling, social media paints quite a vivid picture of the place, that it isn’t surprising that tourist attractions in Vegas like the Las Vegas strip receive more footfalls than destinations like Disney World or Niagara Falls. Ever wondered what all the hype is about? Or is it grossly over exaggerated? I figured that there was only one way to find out. “Seeing is believing” and so I booked a trip to Las Vegas finally.

My verdict: All the hype is grossly understated. I’d say the place is a mélange of glitz and glamour, of fun and frolic, offering an experience that I’d tend to recall the rest of my life.

There’s much more to this place than just gambling, as I discovered on my recent trip. The city seems to have a life of its own after the sun sets. The bright lights , the glamorous setting, the people and the sheer extravagance of the place is something that words could not do justice to.

So apart from the Gambling, is there more to this city? YES , and I’ll list out five amazing things about Las Vegas that will make you wish for a visit to this incredible place, if you haven’t already.

1) The Las Vegas Strip

I don’t think this place needs too much of an introduction. This 6-km stretch is the epitome of glamour and master of reinvention. Housing the world’s largest hotels and casinos, this place is touted as the entertainment capital of the world and taking a stroll through this extravaganza is a must for everyone who pays a visit to this city.

2) Bellagio

Let’s just put it this way , a trip to Egypt would be meaningless without paying a visit to the pyramids. Likewise, the Bellagio hotel, a conception of Steve Wynn, is an epitome of ethereal beauty and romance and a trip to Las Vegas is incomplete without paying a visit to this place. From intricate flower arrangements, to elegant fountains , the place is a paradise nestled within the heart of Las Vegas and is worth a visit.

3) Museums and Art Galleries:

Really? Las Vegas and museums? The terms don’t seem to strike a connection, but Las Vegas surely has some amazing mysteries behind all the sparkling lights. Home to some pretty amazing museums like the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, National Atomic Testing Museum, Pinball Hall of Fame, the Mob Museum, Bodies Exhibit, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, are well worth a trip with family and for art enthusiasts like me.

4) The Food

Are you a foodie who loves gorging on exotic delicacies from around the world served by world class chefs? Then, this is the place for you! The restaurants are popular for serving delicious buffets that are sure to befuddle you. It’s hard to pick out the best of the lot but my personal favorite was the Bistro Buffet at the Palms that has a huge international selection of foods which will leave you hungry for more. I found myself a few pounds on the heavier side after returning from Las Vegas as the food there just could not be given a miss at any cost

5) The Adventure

This is for all the thrill-seeking, adventure crazy maniacs out there. Although I am not a huge fan of adventure sports, visiting Vegas changed my mind. SkyJump at Straosphere lets you do the longest free fall of its kind from over a hundred stories, and I could spot several youngsters lining up enthusiastically to experience the thrill of their life. Apart from this, you could also try swimming with the sharks at the Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay. Whether it involves air, land or water, the place has it all.

So what are you waiting for? With a lot of offbeat offerings, Las Vegas is one destination that you just cannot afford to miss!

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Writer: Nina Bajaj

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