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Why travel the world? 5 Crucial Life lessons that I learnt from travelling

Author: Maria D’Souza for Inksplore

Every individual has his/her own set of desires, a set of wishes that he/she lives for. But ask any 10-year-old kid to list out his set of wishes and “travelling the world” would definitely be on it. Curiosity is in a man’s nature, imbibed into us by birth and wanting to travel beyond the known into unchartered territory is something that’s ingrained in us.

Three years back, I first pulled on my sweatshirt, packed my bags with a triumphant smile, for after years and years of waiting I was finally about to step out and fly away. All these years away from home , have taught me things , that I bet fifty years in school would have failed to.

I’ll list out the five most important lessons that I’ve learned from travelling:

  • Learning to see the bigger picture:

Travelling to me was just a picture of me partying in various places, relaxing on the shores of golden waters, tasting the palate, and trying to fit into the shoes of people from other countries for a short time. But soon I realized that there was more to it: travelling is all about the experience , of embracing the highs and lows, dealing with things on your own and it isn’t always the pretty picture as it’s been painted. I’ve now learnt to see the world differently.


  • Expecting the unexpected:


While in travel, always know that the best made plans always go awry. So, you have the best dictionary in hand, and you do your best to give instructions to the cab driver in the native tongue, but a few hours later, you find yourself three miles off mark. What do you do? Learning to cope up with things unbeknownst to you and tackling tough situations is something every traveler learns in the long run.


  • Everything you seemed to know, now seems too small:


The world may seem like a small place, but the deeper you dig , the lesser you seem to know. What seemed to have been unique to your hometown, does not seem the same now. And what you thought was common everywhere, seems bizarre in other parts of the world. An amalgam of different people, different cultures, their beliefs, their practices, their lives all seem like a big book that would take years to read completely. I now am thirstier, more curious for knowledge than ever, and it was travelling that taught me that.


  • Money doesn’t buy happiness:

This statement may seem too clichéd but what I experienced during my travels reinforced this small moral taught to us right from elementary school. Playing with marbles, living in overcrowded dingy rooms, does nothing to dampen the spirit of some of the kids I had the fortune to meet. To know that there are kids out there who fret over getting an X-box instead of a Ps4, is something that I find hard to believe now. True happiness stems from within, and I could finally say I found “inner peace


  • Life is short, so don’t wait around:

I’ve seen people slogging away all their lives, putting by money for something they wanted to do all their lives and finally end up breathing their last without even doing it. I may have made a lot of wrong choices, but my decision to travel right after college, despite facing a lot of resistance from people close to me, was one of the best one I’ve ever made. To live and perish without a chance to witness some of the amazing things world has to offer is never an option. I’ve learnt the one most important thing : time doesn’t wait for us, start living in the present, embrace life as it comes, roll with the punches, don’t ever wait around and life will be more beautiful than it ever seemed.


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