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The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini: WHAT I LEARNT AS I SPRINTED WITH THE KITE.

Author: Naseema M Shafi For Inksplore

The musky scent of the few moments before dawn fills my nostrils. Seated with my knees perched up under the wise old oak tree, and a copy of ‘The Kite Runner’ by Khaled Hosseini in my hand, with the little kerosene lamp as my aid, I stare at the expanse of darkest blue scrolled above me.

The color of blue, stunningly powerful yet beautiful. A drop of tear trickles down as I read how Ali had always been faithful to Amir, the two protagonists of the said book. I can’t help but shed a tear or two every single time I read this heart-wrenching novel, or perhaps even a memoir. The story of two friends who had been separated by the whimsical desires. The story of loss and separation. And something about that particular morning in this place, under the oak tree, felt so different after reading the novel for the umpteenth time.

Maybe, because I love the way it’s written. Maybe because I love the plot. Or maybe because, I knew this was the staggering truth, as most of us have lost ourselves to be the slaves of our desires. Like Amir who had become a slave of his fleeting emotion, and had a desire to be loved by his own father. Amir, who could do something socruel to quench his thirst to be loved, or to conquer the thirst of his jealous ‘self’.

But hey, no spoilers there!

What I want to write about is what I pondered on that cold morning, when everything seemed to be heartbreakingly alright in this world.

The book wasn’t exactly the most fictional thing I’ve read in my life. It was happening. People fighting for acceptance, love, breaking hearts and shattering nations. Bloodshed and merciless humans, who roam on this rocky earth craving for power.

Rumi once said, ‘Stop acting so small, you are the universe in an escalating motion’. A second or two had to be given in order to ponder about something said so beautifully but interpreted in a manner that could jeopardize this earth. You see, in the past few decades, being the evolving beings we are, we have been redefining words and phrases. Most of us no longer see love for what it is, most of do not know what actual beauty means and similarly, most of us do not know what Rumi meant when he asked us to ‘stop acting so small’. Haughty creatures many had become, flaunting the wool of the sheep whilst being a mighty cunning wolf within. We truly had become big, big in terms of power and wealth, but agonizingly small as a humane human.

You have a universe within you, and what exactly does that mean?

When we think about the universe, we think about the millions of stars embedded in the galaxy, a wide expanse of brilliant colors that embraces billions of other extraordinary elements within them. All the while we thought about the universe which is far out of our reach, we forgot to explore the one within ourselves.

The one which should and must embrace all the beautiful auras that surround us. The universe which has to spell the language of love, love for the ‘self’ and love for those around us. That is what makes you big, that universe which contains the knowledge of a scholar, the one in which words are a river blessed and kissed by wisdom, the one in which humans are seen for what they truly are, rather than the color coded beings divided by something trivial like race, wealth and status. The stature of mightinesscrumbles the day when one measures goodness in terms of figures the other possesses. And that my friend, is a slur to the universe itself!

The universe within you has a power and potential. You are here for a purpose, whether it be to offer a smile to a stranger, or to do something bigger. Unleash the true power in you, the wider galaxies above serve as an epitome to our universe. Just as they embrace the stars and skies, so do we owe a responsibility to embrace the fellow beings who walk right beside us.

You’re small only when your heart shrinks so much so that offering a smile genuinely becomes painful, when you forget to hope on yourself or anyone. The actual mighty human is the one who delves within him, unleashes the power within and never considers himself to be mighty for he knows that if the world was an ocean, he only knew a river flowing alongside the passage.

And the sun rises as I finally shut my book. The staggering truth of Kite Runner can only be a reality when we redefine ‘small’ to be financially poorly, or physically crippled. True poverty is lack of empathy, and void. Just like how guilt pierced the heart of Amir, how he had learnt everything the hard way, although he was somewhat of a good man, we must give into the whispers of heart and listen to what it truly wants it to feel. Or we would be fed by the mind and muddled by the glimmer of this world, which would shun all the light forever. For you, the universe, just submitted to the whispers of darkness and removed the entire galaxy within you.


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