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Making a killer online resume: A designer’s guide to personal branding

Branding on a business level is common. Symbols, designs, names, sound, reputation and much more distinguishes one brand from another. But today, branding has extended to a personal level with more and more people opting to market themselves and their careers as a brand. A few decades ago, there were probably a handful of people with the same skillsets as you. But today, the competition has grown to such an extent, that there may be thousands of similar or even better candidates than you. How then do you ensure people take notice of YOU? Personal Branding is the answer. There are several website design services to help you with personal branding, but you’ll first need to ask yourself why it’s important.

Why personal branding is important for designers?

Ask yourself what the basic job requirement of a designer is. Your creativity, your way with colors and patterns, your understanding of what’s aesthetic and appealing is what sets your job apart. Why then would you choose to make a boring and plain resume like others? You are unique and your creativity should ooze out in the way you portray yourself to potential employers. Building a recognizable personal brand is not that easy, but not impossible either.

Here’s how you can establish yourself as a brand and gain industry recognition:

Develop a vision:

You cannot get anywhere if you don’t know what ‘anywhere’ is in the first place. Before venturing out and creating a brand identity for yourself, know exactly what your goals are and what you want to be perceived as. Do you want to be portrayed as a casual and relaxed brand? Or are you opting for a more sleek and sophisticated perception of your brand? Discover yourself first, before selling yourself as a brand to others.

Use images:

A picture can convey what a thousand words could not. Gain an edge over all the other faceless designers by using high quality images to instantly grab attention. Humans are visual creatures and can form opinions based on first impressions. Get a professional photographer on board or help from a reputed website design agency to make sure their first impression of you makes a positive impact on your brand as a whole.

Portray your creativity

If you can do some great work, then why not show it to the rest of the world? You’ll need to consistently post your work and ideas online. The internet is a powerful tool in helping you garner the recognition you deserve. Ensure that you spend adequate time updating your online profile. You don’t have to convince everyone that you have it in you – your work will do all the talking for you.

A dash of personality

To establish yourself as a personal brand, adding a dash of personality through a little bit of storytelling can help strike an instant chord with your audience. No one’s interested in a designer who just designs. Try portraying yourself as a human first to break the ice and get people interested in YOU as a brand.

Create a network

You have a great profile, great designs to share, great experiences to talk about – now what? What if there was no one to explore what you are all about? Networking is quite important to help your personal brand be ‘out’ there. Connect with people through social media or otherwise. Remember, any connection is good and it may lead on to bigger and better things.

Gain some publicity

Think big. Act smart. Publicize effectively. There is nothing that could be more effective for your personal brand than a publication’s coverage of you and your work. Not everyone can achieve that. You’ll need to build something remarkable or controversial to get noticed. Think of ways you can stand out and the press is bound to be dogging your footsteps in no time.

With personal branding, you can open up a wide stream of endless possibilities. If you’d like help on establishing your personal brand, get in touch with (Inksplore) – a web design agency that can help you on your quest.

Writer: Baig

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