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10 Essential Tools for Effective Content Writing

The content writers unite and sigh for one thing, they hold hands and raise them for one thing, and they crawl and read and research about that one bloody thing- ideas and more ideas, also a permanent cure to the occasionally visiting disease, aka the writers block. As professional content writers, we often wonder who even came up with such an apt name, and also grow furious over the one who labelled such a frustrating inability that we writers feel from time to time. But we cant deny, that guy did a great job inventing a term for it, because now that we know we share a problem, weve found a plethora of collective solutions to it. And for that, we cant ever be thankful enough.

If youve ever felt like the time has come for your writing career to end, or some nonsensical thought as such merely because you couldnt find the word you needed, or the idea for your next blog post, we totally get you. Being the best content writing services company in Chennai just doesnt come by, we are constantly required to provide SEO writing services, ghostwriting services, blog writing, academic paper writing and the list goes on; but that doesnt mean we can give up at any point of time. As writers, we must always remember that this had always been our passion- to help our souls write, and to help others write. We must also remember that it is never too late or wrong to avail assistance. Writers block is natural, and the sooner we accept it, the better. That is exactly why there are a glut of assisting tools for every content writer out there. With the help of these tools, you can get your work done in no time.

Top 10 Essential Content Writing Tools

To help you all with it, here weve gathered some of Inksplores favorites:

  1. Blog Topic Generator

As a blogger or a content creator, you obviously have a schedule. You know the days when you have to write a blog post, but we understand, inspiration isnt no waterfall to be flowing 24/7. There are days when you wouldnt know if your ideas are good enough and if would fare well at all. That is where Blog Topic Generator comes in. In this tool, you can type a few keywords related to your general blog content and get a topic generated instantly. Having several options in hand can always be handy! For example, if youre a food blogger, search for the keywords related to food, or if youre a fashion blogger, the keywords related to that. Whatever your cup of tea is, you know the best, so go on and explore. All you need to know is your keywords, and were sure that you do know it better than others.

  1. Google Trends

An Inksplore favorite. Being a ghostwriter, we are committed to writing blogs for our clients. We are required to keep up with the hottest topics wafting around. Whats trending is certainly whats bending the game out there. Google Trends is great for news jacking and eventually hitting the jackpot. Google trends would help you to trace the content topics that are trending in your locality and would help a ton in creating credible content.

  1. RhymeZone

Dont look at us that way, we swear that were not in kindergarten, just grown up millennial’s floating around. However, we love Rhyme-zone, I mean cmon we are writers! Content writers, SEO writers or whatever kind of writer you are, adding that extra charm to your content feels extremely exhilarating. While things dont have to rhyme all the time (see what I did there?), it feels great at times when it does. If you want to turn your rather plain text into some sort of poetry that rhymes and goes with the content, then make use of RhymeZone to find the perfect fit for your string of words.

  1. Hemingway App

Ah a favorite! What a bliss has this been to every writer out there. Hemingway app is the app youd hope was embedded in your writer heart at birth. Well, it is a favorite because it ensures that you deliver the best piece of writing to your audience. How? Hemingway uses different color codes to highlight sentences and words that could be written better. If you need better adverbs, or if your content is sung in a passive voice, or if youve awfully long sentences, the app highlights all of that in different colors and shows you the better alternative too.

  1. Unsuck-it

If youre a digital marketing blogger, or into writing IT related content, hey fellow brother/sister! At Inksplore, we create content for several companies in the digital marketing world, and take up a plethora of technical writing projects, and if theres one thing we keep in mind, it is that not everyone is Mark Zuckerberg out there. Not everyone understands the complicated technical terms, or business jargons. If youre a technical writer,chances are for you to be called the geek who speaks alien language and writes in it too. Well, with Unsuck-it, you wont face that trouble anymore. This app helps you to improvise your content by providing alternative words for the jargons, and even helps you provide a credible explanation for terms that would boggle a common mind.

  1. Ilys

As a professional content writer, you might be finding it hard to write for the word count. When you do it every day, it kind of gets into the head, and perhaps you might not be focusing on that little bugger right there. 500 words to the mark your head says, but oh well, youd end up writing 450 or 650, who knows! In that case, Ilys is a charming app created for creative heads like you. This tool saves you a great amount of time and keeps up to the word count like a soldier. Firstly you need to enter the desired word count, and then start typing, the tool wont display the content youve typed except for the last letter. It might sound agonizing to some writers, but trust us, this works enchantingly!

  1. The Readability Test Tool

This is a great tool to test the quality of your content. The primary goal of SEO article writing or content writing in general is to attract and retain readers. So whats the point if your readers arent interested in reading any of it? Check the readability of your content on Readability Test tool, and itll provide results according to the score you obtain. It shows what age groups would understand the content, and provide scores in color codes, if the indicator bars scream red, then the readability is low, whereas if its green, your content is easily readable.

  1. Grammarly

This is must-have for every writer out there. Trust us when we say this: taking a bit of help from Grammarly will never hurt you. In fact, youll be thankful to the moon and back that this tool exists. Content writers out there can get enthusiastic with their write-ups and might upload without checking for errors. Well, there is the red flag. Paste your content on Grammarly, and the amazing tool will let you know all sorts of grammatical errors in it. Be it punctuation, passive voice, redundant sentences- the tool has got you.

  1. Plagiarism Detect

Dont get us wrong, we are not blaming you of this horrendous crime. As academic writers ourselves, we are required to use this tool even if we create content from the scratch. Whether it be essays, SEO articles, your blog post or your social media post, using Plagiarism Detect will help you greatly in terms of SEO ranking and nobility. Too often, our content may have chances to sound like the ones already written. Well, now we wouldnt want that for the sake of our wellness, do we? Nobody likes Google to penalize or flag their content, which is why you need to keep your precious piece of writing the most original one out there. Past your content on this tool and check for plagiarism, the better the score, the more original your content.

  1. Power Thesaurus

Who doesnt love thesaurus? Thats pretty much what makes the life of a writer. Theres no such thing as enough vocabulary. To us and to every writer out there, were sure that the number is infinite, and we are forever indebted to whoever invented the idea of having an alternative word for the million words out there. Power Thesaurus has a chic user interface, nothing too over-the-top, and is extremely useful for the ones who wished that an alternative word existed for just about everything. Your paperback dictionary is great, but it doesnt keep updating itself, but this tool isnt like that. Power Thesaurus ensures that it keeps up with the latest linguistic developments, and ensures that its depth compares to the oceans. And well, its blue too aptly.