Content writing

What does content writing mean? Everything you need to know about this befuddling subject.

People often mistake writing with content writing. Lets tell you this: they may seem the same, but arent!

Definition of Content Writing

Content writing is the more specific category of writing, mostly always for an online platform. With the boom of social media, the significance of content writing has skyrocketed. Blogs, websites, technical works, creative content, and many such sub-categories originated making the field as diverse as it is.

What is content development in writing?

Content development is the heart and soul of a written piece. Any good content has a backbone of intense research. Relevance and quality define the content you are going to serve.

What you write must never stray away from the topic. Additionally, it should be of the highest quality. The reason people will read your content is because what already exists didnt satisfy them!

The three steps of content development

1) Information collection

2) Ideation

3) Implementation

Right from the knowledge gathering, to reaching the potential audience, research is the key. Content writing isnt just about content and writing, it involves several areas like SEO, which define who reads your content.

Even if you have impeccable content, it isnt of much use if it doesnt reach the readers you are targeting. Ideation comprises of how you make your content unique. Its the 21st century now, there isnt one singular article sitting on the web with no twin.

4 Ps of Content Writing

How to Create Good Content

To stand out from the clutter:

1) Your content has to be unique in its own bracket.
2) Implement your work in the neatest way possible.
3) A properly organized article, supported with heavy SEO core will undoubtedly ensure a victorious outcome!

The importance of content writing

Imagine youre watching the best movie, but without any audio. Thats how an amazing website would be without content!

Content writing has several branches:

The content you write can range from articles, blogs, advertisements, creative & technical content, script writing and so much more! A website is partly defined by the looks and feel, but the icing on the cake is always the content it serves the visitors.

One of the few disadvantages of internet ventures is the unavailability of face-to-face customer interaction.

The best way to fill that gap is to house blogs, post constant content!

By doing so the customer looks at the website as a person rather than a static presence. The main reason sites have blogs is to connect with their customers! The customer is your god, learning his interests will always benefit you.

Secondly, quality content boosts SEO, which ensures your presence on the top of search results. By constantly posting good and relevant content visitors will become customers and even pull in more people!Remember, this there is a brilliant career in content writing for those who can master the art of SEO friendly writing and unambiguity.

What is content writing in SEO?

Content writing in SEO is writing content for people and optimize for search engines.

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization, which if not clear enough, means the order in which our content ranks in the Google search when searched for. When it comes to the internet, Google is a higher being all together! It determines whether or not your page ends up in the search result.

Content writing in SEO is creating addictive content on your website which will drive people to promote it on other social platforms. By doing so, Google recognizes the content on your site and makes sure when searches for keywords that your content specializes in, its on the top.SEO content is essentially created for purposes of promotion and to reel in traffic.

The Basic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Research for whats trending:When the FIFA finals are on, no ones going to search for Tips and tricks to get better at basketball. This is how SEO works. The internet is a dynamic place, every day something different is trending. Its important to know what to post and when – SEO Experts call this Keyword Research.

Make it count:If you think loading your article with keywords will make it the top search result, youre wrong. With each update, Google search engine is becoming smarter. You have to have aperfect balance of keywords in your content (Keyword density) for it to make it to the search results.

Bring in people, and make them stay:Often times, people visit a site and leave immediately. Web analysts measure it with Bounce Rate. The reasons can be either due to the page taking too long to load or due to irrelevant content.SEO will help you bring in people, but keeping them is a different ball game.

Here are a few factors that cause high bounce rate in terms of search engine optimization:

1) Pop-ups
2) Irrelevant Ads
3) Slow Page Load Times
4) Misleading Title Tag or Meta Description
5) Bad Backlink from Another Website
6) Low-Quality or Under Optimized Content
7) Poor Design

Keep your content fresh and youll keep people from bouncing.

How to Improve Content Writing Skills

Vocabulary, check.
Ideas, check.
Content, check?

Content writing doesnt come as simple as the name suggests. It isnt, I write, therefore I am (a writer). Content writing needs just as many soft skills as core skills.

To write a neat article will drain your brain more than you think.

But there isnt a skill a human cant learn, and writing definitely isnt the toughest one.

Tips to improve content writing skills

Extensive, even maniacal research: If writing were as easy as penning down whats on your mind, every Tom, Dick,and Harry would be a writer and Inksplore A Content Marketing Company, would be flooding. Writing involves a lot of research before even 100 words are inked.

Dont overcomplicate, but dont keep it simple: There is a really fine line between having a rich vocabulary and writing rocket-science notes. Jack and Jill went up the hill. is enough. You dont have to go overboard and write Jack and his graceful kinsperson progressed upon the highland. It isnt professional and in no way a sign of good vocabulary.

Be your Shakespeare: It is a given that any writer uses someone elses work for reference. But you have to remember to develop and pursue your own style. As a writer, your writing is your identity. Thou can doeth well!

Scope of Content Writing

With the internet booming, content writing is becoming more relevant than ever before. There is a website for almost everything, and every website needs content.

With a good hold over the English language, a creative touch, and good typing speed, you can dominate the field.

To state the numbers, an average content writer earns from anywhere between $20-$35/hour!

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With enough practice and exposure, you can become a good content writer in no time.

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