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Social media marketing campaign is all about grabbing the attention of your target audience, on the platforms they hang out the most and building a relationship with them. Businesses are increasingly being known more by the quality of their online posts. Your voice, your reaction, your approach towards customer interaction – all can have a lasting impact on your brand.

The Ultimate Content Writing Guide for Social Media

Social media today is flooded with an avalanche of content. With millions of posts every day, how do you remain in the front of your clients? Here is a guide to writing top-notch content that can make you stand out.

A) What type of content do people like to share on social media?

When it comes to engaging in online platforms, it all depends on how relevant, useful and high quality your content is. Often businesses are eager to know what kind of content receives the maximum engagement. Here is what some recent studies are saying:

Images – Pictures have been found to get the maximum shares in social media. They receive an 87% reaction rate on Facebook. It is easy to understand why – photos are easy for people to digest. Adding a relevant image is sure to boost the engagement rate of a content piece.

Videos – Most of the major social platforms allow users to post videos. They are a great way to convey your message in an interesting and engaging way. Also,viewers do not need to leave the site to see the video, making it easier for them to engage.

Listicles– Lists are quick to skim through and easily comprehensible. The more relatable and unique the content, the more shareable it becomes.

Data– No matter the industry, there is always something unique and relevant to share. Any unique research or data is quickly shared by niche readers. Infographics are a fun and colorful way to present data, and readers love sharing well-designed and interesting ones.

Memes – Memes have become widely popular over the last couple of years. They are great to drive home a point by using characters that are popular. Since, it is easily understood, it makes them excellent shareable content. Read what Business World has to say about memes being used as a marketing tool here.

DIY content – Telling people how to create something makes for excellent shareable posts. The concept works best with images and videos.


Social media content has assumed a huge importance in recent times, and when shared extensively, can offer a massive boost to your digital marketing results.No matter the type of content, if your posts are high-quality, relevant and interesting, they will become viral in no time.

B) What’s the best way to generate content for social media

Are you wondering if your social media presence is strong enough? Maybe you have a strong message, but you havent seen much online success yet?

Dont worry! This is not uncommon in virtual marketing.

Crafting posts that thrive is all about knowing the minds of your readers. Understanding what your audience wants can help you create posts they can relate to. Here are some ways to generate content that your audience will love to read and share.

Write positive news – A recent study found that positive and interesting news that evoked emotions such as amusement, laughter and awe are more likely to go viral. Creating content that trigger these emotions along with headlines that arouse the curiosity of the readers can be a great way to grab eyeballs.

Pay attention to aesthetics – The look of the content you share is important. Well-structured content that follows an easy eye path and can be quickly scanned increases engagement.

Read other posts – No matter what your field, there are always people who are already writing about it. Its a good idea to watch the current trends and find ways to incorporate them in your content.

Interview an expert – A great way to create content is to interview someone who is a pro in your niche. There are thought leaders whose advice people love; its a good idea to get them onboard to share their ideas.

Ask questions – The posts that engage the most are the ones that ask questions. Readers love to offer their inputs. Make sure to keep your questions short and easy to answer though! Ideally your customers should be able to respond in less than 4-5 words.

Do you want to create exceptional social media content? Keep these tips in mind to write professional and compelling posts.

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C) 5 Crucial Elements for Writing Great Social Media Posts

Generating eye-catching social media content is more than just putting some phrases together. Its a skill to get your message across in the manner your audience will love.There are some crucial elements, which have been proven to lead to a big jump in client engagement and click-through rates when included in the content. Read on to know about them.

Add value – When it is about content online, the best way to catch the attention of your audience is to tell them whats in it for them. Your content should add value to them for them to like it.

Use confident words – Readers are not impressed by wishy-washy terms and go more for words that show some grit. Be clear and include more self-assured words in your content.

Write in active voice – Your content can be either in ‘active’ or ‘passive’ voice. The latter often downplays your accomplishments while the former presents a straightforward way of describing your business. Use active voice to create a positive and strong impression on your readers.

Cut out unnecessary words – When generating content online, refrain from the temptation to convey your idea in the minutest details to your reader. Be crisp in your writing.

Revisit your content – Most writers agree that their first idea is rarely the one they go with finally. Write, rewrite and refine your words till you feel that your words justify what you have in mind.

There are several ways to create contagious content. It would help to do some preliminary research on what your audience is interested in before you create your posts. And as you try the various ways to generate shareable content, you can measure your engagement rate so that you know what is working for you, and if you need to improve the quality of your content.

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D) 7 Steps to Writing Effective Social Media Content

A great way to expand your reach and draw more audience is to make sure your social media content is awesome. Here are some top tips to ace the online media game.

Craft well-structured posts

Whether you write long or short posts, what is important is the structure. It should start with a hook, look neat and include a call-to-action to persuade the reader to interact with you.

Write about your readers

Your posts should not be only about you and your world. Your target audience should be the main focus of your post. Before creating your content, think about your readers: ask yourself if they would like to read and share your content, and write accordingly.

Visuals are the key

Think of the last time you scrolled your FB feed. Did you pay much heed to posts that did not have videos or images? Recent statistics show that posts with images are 150% more likely to be shared than posts without visuals. You actually lose a lot of leads when you write posts without relevant pictures.

Brevity is important

A post crammed with too many ideas will only push people away. Your post should not only be attractive, but easy to comprehend too. It can help to make an outline of your post before you write it so that you are clear about the aspects you wish to cover in your message.

Use the right voice

The tone of your messages has an impact on the way your message is received. In LinkedIn, for example, a formal approach is more appropriate while in Twitter, fun and conversational posts are the trend. Using the appropriate tone can result in your social engagement metrics shooting up significantly.

Create posts that triggers emotions

Some of the best social media posts went viral because they sparked some strong emotions in the audience. Studies show that feelings such as happiness, achievement, sorrow or anger have the power to engage people, and make the content shareworthy.

Subscribe to the current trends

Social media marketing is constantly evolving and if you want to be at the top of things, you will need to include trends in graphic design, texts and even emoticons.

High-quality posts can help you gain visibility, draw leads, engage with existing clients and even sell – all of which can help you be successful in your endeavors. Follow these tips to craft posts the right way and catapult your brand to the top.

E) 5 Social Media Best Practices to Help You Write Better Content

Want to see a jump in your social media engagements? Here are some best practices to follow to ensure that your writing is at its absolute best.

Dont use abbreviations – While internet acronyms may appear cool, posting them as a business will make you appear unprofessional and can even drive away your prospects.

Check your grammar – Social media offers an informal space to communicate, but that does not mean you dont pay heed to grammar. Using good grammar shows professionalism and also means that you care about your reader’s experience.

Avoid ‘!!!’and – A company that uses an overdose of non standard punctuation might not create a favorable impression on the readers. Good writing is using only your language to describe how exciting your enterprise is.

Employ online tools – Using online tools is a great way to ensure that your posts are proofread. The tools check grammar and will point out issues that you might have overlooked.

Check for copyright – It is important to ensure that your posts are legal to use. Check twice before using any image or video to ensure you are not violating copyright.

Creating social media content is a form of art. Keep these best practices in mind to generate top-notch content.

Are you looking for a content writing service to take your social media marketing to the next level? Being effective with online media posts is a skill to hone, and when done correctly, can lead you to success.If you are looking for expert social media content creators, Inksplore is the best choice. We have experts on board who have extensive experience in creating clear and concise copy that is designed to increase brand visibility and engagement with customers.





Content writing

Have you ever been to crowded marketplaces the ones where customers find it really difficult to decide on which shop to purchase from because almost all the shops keep shouting out different offers and discounts for the same items? The internet is one such place. There must be a thousand websites or more which deliver content that revolve around the same topics as you, just, in different styles. Its like this rat-race of trying to get ahead of one another in the search result pages. Over the years, we have reached a stage where writing good content alone is not enough to generate traffic or audience for your website. Your content could be anything from relevant, unique, innovating or interesting and yet not get discovered for a long time.


However much attention you pay to writing content on your website, there is a high chance of something or the other being missed out or done the wrong way. Here are some common mistakes you must avoid like the plague.

-Not inputting relevant SEO keywords SEO is not a concept thats unreasonably mentioned all the time it is hyped for good reason. Search engine optimization basically means optimizing your website by using relevant keywords so that it is easier for search engines to index it in one of the first result-pages during a web-search. No SEO, no traffic.

-Overusing SEO keywords Now this is the other extreme of the aforementioned point. Using SEO doesnt mean you cram lots of keywords into your content. Everything is going smart and so are search engines. Overusing keywords will probably lead search engines to think that your website is spam.

-Very long content You must realize that patience levels are at an all-time low, especially on the internet which is peoples go-to for fast and easy solutions. Therefore, if you have a long content that keeps beating around the bush, visitors are likely to drop the webpage altogether.

-Irrelevant content and confusing text Filling your website with outdated content is just wasting your own time and money and precious web-storage. The majority of people do not like reading what is not present, literally. Moreover, if the text is confusing, people will either not keep reading the webpage or worse, they will not return to the site again.

-Technical jargon and poor language Use highly advanced technical language thats difficult to understand and rest assured people are going to judge you and avoid your website no matter however interesting your content is. Poor language is, again, doing just the opposite to generate the same end-results.

Bad fonts Have you seen those curly fonts, very small ones that make it impossible to read without a microscope? Yes, those kind of illegible fonts are a big no-no.


When youre writing content for your website, bear in mind that youre writing it to attract people. And hence, your content should be shaped keeping their interests in mind in a way that keeps them immersed and prompts them to keep returning back to read more content. Here are some tips on how you can achieve optimum results.

-A fine balance of SEO keywords As mentioned before, input keywords in your text carefully. Not too less, not too many. This can actually be an intimidating and time-consuming affair which requires proper research. You can actually hire one of the SEO content writing service providers like Inksplore it is worth the money.

-Decide on who is your audience Web-pages and sites that cater to a specific audience interested in a specific topic are likely to do better. Thats why its significant to decide the type of audience that you will be catering to and, thereon, develop content on the lines of what they like, what they must be interested in reading, etc.

-Keeping it simple and short Your language should be rich and interesting, at the same time simple and void of jargon. Shorter text is preferred by the larger part of the audience as long text can sometimes feel like an unnecessary drag.

-Using titles and subtitles People these days like to scan text online and have a pretty small attention span. Hence, use bold subtitles and titles in your content.

-Hyperlinks This is a part of layering websites. Insert hyperlinks to terms on your website which makes it catchy and prompts people to keep browsing through different web pages on your website.


Finding it difficult to write compelling web content? Inksplore also offers website content writing services if you need to hire writers.


Behind the scenes
Being an Inksplorer has just gotten better! From branching out into new avenues apart from content writing to buying ourselves a new coffee machine, we’re on a roll. But topping it all, is our progress from a small home-grown service into a full-fledged firm. Moving into a brand-new office facility last month, Inksplorers now have a new place where they can let their creative juices flow or perhaps unwind with a cup of hot cocoa or catch up on the latest read off the shelf. Deriving influences from our theme colors, the dark grunge look is fittingly consistent with the kind of people who work for us; mystic, moody and maestro of their art forms. It’s the perfect place to be, when one wants some peace and quiet to do some thinking.

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Content writing

In 1996, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates penned a famous essay titled Content is king which predictedhow content was poised to dominate the world of internet in the years to follow and will be the recipe of success for companies that willuse it effectively.Cut to present day and you can clearly see the overwhelming presence of content in everyday life and how top firms are constantly coming up with innovative ideas to promote their products. In just a couple of decades, content writing has not just seamlessly segued from mediums like television and radio to the vast digital space but has also opened up a plethora of opportunities for companies across the globe. Whether you produce a line of t-shirts, run a digital magazine, deliver food online or offer repair services, generating compelling content geared towards your core customers is the best way to make your presence known and that is where you need professional writers who can give your product a unique identity which can boost saleability. From the golden age of television to the booming era of internet, content has always remained the undisputable king in marketing and professional writers have been the inconspicuous kingmakers.

Why do I need a content writer?

In the digital sphere, making your presence known is everything as there are literally thousands of companies out there vying to get the attention of people. From sales copy to online banner ads to social media posts, engaging with your target audience with compelling content design is the best way to promote your product and give it a unique identity. Professional writerscan generate unique and optimized website content that will help your brand stand out from the rest and rank well in various search engines. In the digital world, content writing is more science than art as it is all about choosing the best words to improve click-through rates, carefully placing keywords to improve your SEO rankings, and creating disruptive ads to grab the attention of your target audience. Content writers are specialists in all these spheres and will ensure clarity of thought, good-quality work, brevity, and SEO-friendly content. In fact, with the ubiquitous presence of social media, most companies have started hiring social media managers who are tasked to promote the brand on different social media platforms and take it to an even wider audience than before


What can a professional writer do for my brand?

Professional writers are either freelance part-time workers or full-time employees who are specialists at generating good story-telling content which establishes brand identity and make your product interesting in the mind of the consumers. A good writer knows how to mold the content for different platforms and express the core idea in as little words as possible because less is more. Hiring a good writer can go wonders for any brand as the process of marketing and content writing is a planned strategy to position your brand in such a way that it has the maximum recall value in the minds of the consumer. The process of generating good-quality content starts with profiling the target audience and gauging their needs and aspirations with the help of research and sampling. After finding out the core needs of consumers, writers develop a content strategy with a problem-solving approach to position the product in a way that it appears to be fulfilling the immediate needs of the targeted audience. Thus, professional writing services can help you produce a customized content design to give your brand a compelling identity and advantageous position in the market.

What more do I get?

Any brand large or small wants to come across as professional and credible. A badly written brochure, an ambiguous ad or a poorly constructed newsletter can have a huge dent on the image of any company. Conversely, attention to detail and neatly written copies can go a long way in building credibility and goodwill. Remember, its all about conveying the idea that yours is a reliable and robust company and not some run of the mill, slipshod establishment. Editing and proofreading services can help you declutter your content and make it more attractive as well as grammatically sound. Experienced editors can ensure that the content is logically constructed, does not contain any phrases that may hurt the sentiments of any community, group or gender, and is free of grammatical mistakes or ambiguous messaging. Careless advertising and marketing can be bad for any brand as it not only a repudiation killer but can be very costly. Take the example of a Maine firm which lost a $5 million lawsuit due to a missing Oxford comma in a misleading internal communication to employees!


How can I get in touch with professional writers?

Content writing services are easily available on the internet with thousands of portals offering services of professional writers or facilitating communication between businesses and industry professionals. You can easily visit these websites to meet writers specializing in different fieldsand zero in on the one you think can best represent your product. But remember to hire only those who clear writing and language-related tests and provide work samples.

If you are looking to find the best content writing services in India, you can always get in touch with Inksplore a premier organization dedicated to content writing. With backgrounds in marketing, advertising and journalism, Inksplores team of experienced writers can generate compelling, unique and search engine-friendly content for your brand which will boost visibility and maximize engagement. Inksploreoffers360 writing solutions which comprise EDMs, newsletters, webpage content, blog posts, etc. to give your brand a life if its own on various platforms across the web. Despite website content writing services being in hot demand these days, Inksplore quotes pocket-friendly prices with easy payment options.


Content writing services are a make or break deal for any brand in the world, especially in the digital sphere. Companies these days are pulling out all the stops to generate unique content to drive home ideas and give their brands a lasting identity. So why would you want to lag behind? Find a professional writer online and give your brand a voice and identity it deserves!