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What are the features of a Good Content Writing Agency for your marketing success? According to a report from the Custom Content Council (CCC), the majority of the companies outsourced content writing with creative content writing agencies, because they didnt trust any amateur with the job.

However, it must be acknowledged that there are a few companies out there who still believe that anyone who writes can be trusted to be a content writer. If only things were that simple.

Being a content writer is not the same as being a talented writer. It takes years of experience, and anample amount of training in the field to be a good one.

Features of a Good Content Writing Agency


Over our years of experience, we have observed that any good content writing agency or marketing agency possesses the four main features which are,

  1. Flexibility
  2. Timeliness
  3. Relevance
  4. Uniqueness



It is true that every writer has their own voice and style. However, content writers cant always afford to relish in that luxury, because part of being a website content writer means to adapt the voice of another. Every company has their own brand voice and style, and a good content writing agency or a writer should be able to bend according to the brand.

It is highly essential to be flexible and adaptable when it comes to creating content as the delivery tone has the power to form an idea about the company in the readers mind. Storytelling along with brand promotion can only be done when the content agency or writer know the companys voice, and the readers can understand the vibe and purpose of the company just by reading the content.


Here is the thing: Content is King only when the king manages to rush to the throne as and when needed. You cant afford to have a creative content writing agency which doesnt keep up with the deadlines. Because, when youve got a schedule to follow as a company, you must be able to keep it. Apart from being the voice of your website, content creation is a part of marketing too. Any delay in publishing the content or writing it will affect thebrands marketing strategy in general.

Ensure that the content writing agency that you work with is great in keeping up with the deadlines and in delivering the killer content you require within that time span. Remember to never accept anything but the best from them, because it was they who had agreed to keep up with the deadline in the first place.

Content Writing Agency


Before you hire an SEO content agency or a freelance website content writer, ask for their sample works. That is when youll find out if these guys behind the screens can actually create content that converts, appeals and retains. It is vital for the words on your website to be relevant in all the ways it can be. The first step to being relevant is to remove your shoes and set it aside to wear their shoes.

As a reader, what would you want from your website? Would you like to read whats written? Is the information on the website just a projection of the brand or is it really helpful?

Readers are skimmers who are thirsty for information. So when the content writing agency manages to create relevant content, theyd be able to write whats needed in the way its needed. Too often, many content creators manage to fill several pages with redundant content only to generate page views. Many may think its a smart move, but its not! The creative content writing agency needs to sit together and consider all the elements of content such as SEO, Creativity, Readability, etc. this will help them build a strategy to follow.



Content creation is not really a creation if it doesnt sound unique in any way. The content must not ring a bell with something you read elsewhere, rather it should adopt the voice of your brand and speak in your own unique style. When you ask a content writing agency for their sample works, make sure you stack a couple of them and do your research.

Does all of the content created have the same style and tone to it, and do they sound pretty typical? If they do, maybe theyre not doing a great job with voice adoption.

Make sure what they write resonates with you and is unique in its own way, and of course, credible, which means that they had gotten their research done too.


A Good Content Writing Agency

If you dont find these 4 features in the content writing agency, you are working with; then maybe you have to consider switching to a better Content Writing Agency. Inksplore has a team of experienced content writers who are dedicated tobuilding the best content for all types of businesses and individuals out there. Have a look at the content samples which derived values (Flexibility, Timeliness, Relevance, Uniqueness) to the brands.