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What is a Content Writer? And what do content writers do? Perhaps, one of the most talked about yet least understood jobs in the world could be the job of a content writer.

As someone in the field, we get a lot of questions in regards to our job by many, most of them are people who love to write and others are just curious bunnies.

People who love to write and write poetry in their leisure hours especially, are the ones in the forefront to ask about our jobs, hoping that they too can find their scope here.

Job of a content writer


The content writers are optimistic, sometimes we have to break the truth.

If someone comes up to me and says I love to write as well, what a great job you have got! I would smile with a thousand unspoken thoughts running in my head.

Because quite frankly, just loving writing will not, and I repeat will not take you places in the field of content writing.

Writing and content writing are two different fields, the distinguishable elements roll for pages.

However, to understand just what a content writer does is another challenge indeed.

This is because the job scopes of each one of us, though we possess the same title are extremely different.

Some of us write for blogs, some of us write for websites and e-zines, we create infographic content, YouTube video content, and write for a myriad of industries that kind of makes us seem as though we know everything under the sun (not to be cocky or anything).

Here are a few features that all content writers share:

We write

Simple as that. We write for everyone and everything, and about everyone and everything.

Our client base is mostly not constrained to one field, unless if theyre known to be a biology teacher turned into an academic writer or something scholarly of that sort.

For the most we write for various industries from cooking, spirituality to technical industries. We write for B2B companies, and B2C as well.

So how do we know about everything to write about everything?

Basically, we would require a gist of information from you in terms of the concept of your article, or your business. Then the job is completely left in our hands. And that means whatever we write requires hours of research. We research from various resources and finally get to writing.

Content writers always research first, then write, which is exactly why they shouldnt be pushed under the title of writers.

We are here to serve

As content writers, our goal is to serve the community.

When we see a business thriving due to the content that wed written, there is nothing that can make us quite happy as much as it does. Not only it benefits us, but the content benefits the company greatly such that it ends up attracting hundreds and thousands of clients.

Our job is to serve what the client wants, and most importantly, what the people want to read.

Most of the clients do not have a clear picture about what the audience wants to read, which is why we work rigorously to find out and incorporate several elements into our writing, both in terms of creativity and SEO techniques to get it ranked at the top.

We are multi-taskers

Content writing is a taxing job.

It is not easy as many may presume as our expertise cannot just range to one field. We do not only require good writing skills, but we also need to know the technical intricacies that the current world requires for a content to exist on the internet. 6 skills you need to become a content writer. The blogs wouldnt be read if it doesnt appear on the search engines, no one will know about a companys website if it isnt popular enough.

So the only way to make it popular is by incorporating the right SEO techniques, and also upping the social media game. The more you are talked about, the better your scope to thrive. And the only way people are going to talk about you is by looking at your content.

We Brush it up

You know how brushing the butter on top of a pastry is going to make it really good?

Similarly, when content writers work on your half-baked content (the quality of the original content can range from okay to bad), your content is going to be readable and shareable. We get a lot of projects that are barely touching the zenith, hence it is our job to deliver a fully baked content.




An eerie silence lingers in the forest. Shadows everywhere, yet none in sight

If that is what you think a ghostwriter writes about, then scratch that idea from your head.

In fact, most of the ghostwriters wouldnt even bother about writing a snippet of content under the horror genre.

What is a Ghostwriter

Ghostwriters are people who write for others by charging an amount, yet taking no credits for their work.

Basically, they become the ghosts who write for another individual (who will be known as the author of the book/content).

The world might be celebrating the book under the authors name, yet the work wouldve been written by someone else.

Many celebrities who publish their work hire a ghostwriter and let him do the job.

We say celebrities, especially because they seldom have any time in their hands, but have got great stories to tell, and lets admit it, having authored a book is just a cherry on the top to their fame.

A lot of people think being a ghostwriter doesnt make sense, I mean, who would really want to give up all that fame that could be attained? Being a writer is a big deal, and do not have ones name attached to it might not make sense to many.

But if you know the perks, then maybe you too would consider it as a hella good job.

Apart from it being weird to some, it must be noted that it is actually pretty common in the current world. In fact, many who take writing as their job, other than being a full-time author/blogger, are in fact ghostwriters. It is not just about some huge Celebrity X is hiring a ghostwriter to write his book, rather it is to write website copies, ads and content for professional sites and blogs too.

How Much Do Ghostwriters Make

One of the biggest perks of being a ghostwriter, apart from being paid (about which will talk about in detail), is that you can get exposed to various areas and fields, and obtain massive mastery that quite honestly even years of university education cannot provide you with.

Well, then how much exactly does a ghostwriter get paid? After all, trading the credits for any written content is quite a big deal, but then is it all worth it?

The amount which a ghostwriter gets paid is not fixed universally, because it differs from place to place and from person to person, depending upon the qualifications and experience.

However, the manner in which theghostwriters charge plays a huge role in deciding the amount which they earn.

Some ghostwriters would be willing to be a ghost for a blogger and write under their name regularly. In that case, they can choose to charge per word or on an hourly basis. These two are the most common methods ghostwriters choose to receive their payment, and quite surprisingly, a lot of the bloggers that people gaga over are not really written by them, rather a mastermind behind it who usually makes quite a sum of money.


Ghostwriting Rates

The rates of ghostwriting can range from $5-$100 an hour, depending upon the experience, quality, and turnaround time.

Ghostwriters can earn anywhere from $4000-$25,000 depending upon their experience mainly. Also, the length of the book matters.

To be on the safer side, Inksplore suggests ghostwriters charge on an hourly basis starting out from $7 would surely be a good idea.

Ghostwriters sometimes choose to get paid $100 per hour to finish writing the book. They would charge an amount in advance such as $6k-$10k if your book is likely to sell widely, and then your ghost will take a sum from your overall profits in the future. This happens mostly only when the book has the potential to be sold widely.

We have spent quality time to drive this price range by researching industry standards[1], proposition values of the companies or ghostwriting agency and ofcourse freelance ghostwriters!

Ghostwriting Services

Some of the ghostwriting services are very affordable, and can just be anyones cup of tea. So if youve got a blog or website that needs content to be written under your name and if youre running short of time, and just cannot handle all the pressure on your own, then you know where to go.

Companies such as Inksplore offer the finest content and professional ghostwriting services in a timely manner for killer prices too.

However, if you want to get your dream book written and you just dont have the time or means to do so, then ensure that youve got a good sum of money stacked separately for that.

Happy ghostwriting!