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We can probably relate to the scenario before almost EVERY assignment, the metamorphosis of how every essay comes to life. The first part being procrastination, contemplating and finally the copy pasting from Wikipedia the night before submission. Seems familiar? Plagiarism, boring content and unorganized way of writing are the top most factors that can ruin any essay.

Working with over 40 versatile writers, Inksplore is all about creating and innovating content that is fresh, interesting and original! Here is our easy guide to crafting that perfect essay.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story insideyou.
? MayaAngelou


Are essays just a bunch of paragraphs?

Out of many words associated with essays, the most used are probably nerds, Wikipedia and boredom. But what if there was a way to craft essays which tell stories and spin the most beautiful web of ideas in our minds? Sounds exciting. Well essays are basically coherent ideas and opinions structured into an argument. There are various types of essays and the way of writing differs accordingly.

Informal essays are more personal and humorous in their approach. Theyre written in a style that is easy to comprehend and does not use complex words. Theyre written about diverse topics.

However, formal essays are usually academic or official content that talk about more serious topics. The style of writing is precise and crisp.

Tell me a story

In our previous articles we discussed tips to writing great online content but the approach slightly varies when it comes to essay writing. However as with all forms of writing, you need to have a beginning that attracts the attention of the reader. What are you going to write about and for whom? If the beginning is boring, the reader will assume the rest of your essay to be the same. If the readers mind lands in mars after reading the first sentence, theyll have no idea what youre talking about.

If you can pull it off at the start and have the reader hooked, then youre close to mastering the art of spinning stories!

The middle part is the meatiest

No, were not talking about the turkey you had for thanksgiving nor how to make one. Although online content writing calls for crisp short and straight forward ideas, essay writing content is all about elucidating your points. The beginning of your essay should set scene for the entire essay and give an idea of what youre talking about. Whereas the middle goes into detail about your content, answering questions like what, how and why.
Content in essay writing is all about making clear to your readers why they should agree with what youre saying or get them to see the scene from your shoes.

Structured and appealing essays are what all readers look for. Your essay should be clear, concise and coherent. Dont clog your pages with words and ideas that make it look mundane. Let your points flow and connect with your readers.


Style it!

The most common mistake many make when writing essays is to keep writing redundant sentences for the sake of filling blank pages. Be it admission essays or assignments, the way you write says a lot about who you are. Readers are always looking for essays that talk about experiences and engaging content. You could have an amazing content plan and vocabulary like Shakespeare but if the way you write is like a lullaby, then people wont probably read more than word or two. Dont be a writer who makes even the most amazing experiences like a thesis but like those who can make even snoring sound like skydiving!

If they can make it to the end, give yourself a pat on the back!

Great essays are all about clear language, the ability to make the mundane magical and one that leaves the grey matter satisfied. The conclusion is vital to every essay. When it comes to mastering the art of writing, every single word matters. The conclusion of your essay should give a sense of completion to your content. Wrap up the main idea of your essay and restate it in simple words. An essay without conclusion is like a burger without bun. Okay, thats tragedy right there.

Successful content writers spend years writing content on diverse topics. We believe writing is all about practice and persistence. Thats why at
Inksplore, our writers work tirelessly to live up to our standards.



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Most bloggers write a couple of posts, throw in a bit of keywords and expect to receive a hundred thousand views in the morning. As miraculous as that sounds, every successful SEO content writer has an inevitable background of failures, sleepless nights and hundreds of articles in their virtual bins.

At Inksplore, we write SEO content for hundreds of customers regularly and have been spreading smiles for over 5 years. Posting fresh content, filling your page with keywords is just not enough to drive traffic into your site. In this article we share with you some of our top secrets for creating great SEO content.

Get the research game on

Some content is better than no content. Although trying is to be applauded, you might as well make sure what you write reaches whom you write for.

Put on those magnifying glasses and do your research! Find out what people are interested in, whats popular on the internet and what people are actually searching for. Content writing isnt about losing your passion and staring into blank Word pages but finding something you can excel in and the right way to do it. SEO content is all about getting those keywords right, so do yourself a favour and subtly work the words (magic) in your work!

Dont overdo it

Although using keywords is a great thing, if there are two things you shouldnt overdo in life thats probably makeup and keywords. Filling up your content with too many keywords isnt going to do any extra magic in your work but make it feel unreal and unnatural.

Add sufficient amount of keywords especially in the beginning of your content and focus on your headlines and subhead lines that stand out and will make the user want to visit your site.

Meta descriptions

Just like how search engine result pages (SERP) will show up sites and keywords the user searched for and the results closely related to it, meta descriptions allow the user to find your page through search engines. Meta descriptions are imperative in the sense, it gives a complete idea of your page is and if that is what theyre looking for without even visiting it.

If your answers dont come up in the top results they mostly wont view your site. In order to drive traffic into your page and convince them to view it, you need to add a meta description that the user will most likely search for and be interested in.


Plagiarism and what nots

Whatever content you write, plagiarism is one thing you wouldnt want to get your hands messy on. Write content that is unique and original. When talking about SEO, this can have a huge impact on your site. If Google finds that you posted the same content on various sites, it can lead to penalisation and ranking on the results page. Moreover, plagiarism makes your work look unprofessional. Put those brain juices to work and come up with fresh ideas! What can you offer that no one else does? Why should they prefer YOU to thousands on the internet?

If youre spending time writing, youre obviously writing in hope that someone will read it. So make your content readable. Youre not writing for aliens or prodigies in Quantum mechanics but humans who expect simple and to the point content.


Lookout for data

One thing many writers assume is that SEO is just about filling in your content with keywords and aim to become Neil Patel out of the blue (of course not!). Dont abandon your page after you publish it. Use your resources to the maximum.

Monitor your page using Google analytics. Google analytics gives you a full record on everything from bounce rates to how long people spend on your site enabling you to realise where youre going wrong. Now thats a life saver!

Bounce rates are basically the percentage of visitors who move on to another site after viewing only a page (or even less) because your site probably isnt providing them what theyre looking for. If your bounce rates are high, it indicates your page needs some serious editing.

Dont give up!

As with all forms of writing, persistence and drive is an important factor. Writing SEO content can be a pain in the neck but everything takes its own time. Data shows that companies who blog consistently are likely to receive more customers and visitors than those who dont. Remember, SEO writing is an art, and takes time, effort and strategy to perfect it.



Content writing

We have got a crisis- a crisis like none before.

But this one has got multiple cures, and nobody really knows if thats good or bad.

Should remedies be created for something like this? But if not, wouldnt this epidemic swallow all of us together? Multiple questions arise-yet we have to do what needs to be done.

Wondering whats the crisis?


It is called boredom.


Quick shocks right? Well, it is.


But also, not. With the influx of all the interesting and amazing information, entertainment, people, tangible elements- things are bound to be taken for granted.


And such is the case with your content.


People dont like to read anymore, at least not as much as they loved to do so once upon a time. There is an abundance of information clogging the internet and quite frankly, people are tired and bored out of their senses looking at all of them.

Hence, reader engagement just flew out of the window.

However, just because something slipped away from our grasp, it does not mean it has to be gone, forever.

Inksplore has been in the field of content writing for 5+ years, with each of our writers possessing vast experience in creating engaging content.


These writers have created content when people still sort of liked to read, and also are creating engaging content when people just want to treat content as a disposable toy (hey millennials!).


What is engaging content?

The answer to the question in the title cannot be answered narrowly, because the term engaging is very subjective yet generic.


Each type of content needs to use its own method to sound engaging, and hence, the precisions shall not be highlighted here, rather we will be shedding some light onto the general laws that you need to keep in mind:


The Externals

  • Pick up the Headline: It is simple. If your headline does not do the job of attracting the audience, or impressing the search engines, then your content will not rank at the top. Period.


  • Decorate your cover: People judge a book by its cover, and hence, if your headline is not concise, informative, or undeniably attractive, such that they wouldnt move their cursor without clicking on it, then youre not doing the job.


  • Simple is class: The thing with titles is that they dont have to sound fancy, or straight from classical texts, rather it just has to provide an insight as to what the article shall educate the reader about.

  • The titles that generally do great:


  • How tos,
  • Secrets of X or Y,
  • Whys

And anything thats bound to sound creative and engaging to your audience-about whom you should know a lot.


The Internals

  • Get Personal: People are ruled by emotions, regardless of whats said by the scientific theories. Hence, find a way to capture the emotions rather than trying to prove your brilliance.


  • Spindling a Story: To get personal, tell your audience a story. Let them know a bit about your brand (if youre writing for a brand), or a bit about yourself. If you dont find the scope to do neither, then alter your language. A lot of times, just talking in personal terms, and in a conversational manner hooks the readers. So just dont let them go.

  • Talk the right Talk: Talk to them, and theyll love you. But also inform, cut the small talk, as always.



  • Blotching the Content: Add some color to your content. People love pictures, and they also love concise content that elaborates the picture. But what kind of images do you need in your content? That has to be answered by you.


  • Stats into Graphs: As an example, if you are going to talk about some theory, then turn that into a colorful image. If you are going to talk facts, then convert your statistical information into graphs.


The Heavyweight

  • Cut the Jargons: Dont use complicated words. Dont drag your content either. Both of them may make you sound smart, but people dont want to know more than what they need to know.


  • Check your Readability: Pay attention to the words you use, and check the readability of your content.