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22 Best Creative Writing Exercises

At a breaking point of time, every writer and even those who dont write feel the writer within them running short of the right things to say. For all that the content writers at Inksplore know, everyone has got a story within them to narrate to the world, but we do get it, not everyone of us have got the medium to say it, and if we did, we often find ourselves struggling to find the words, the beginning and the expressions to spell out the content in our minds.


Being a forward SEO writing services provider, at Inksplore, we exhaust ourselves creating content for the general readership and highly specific content seekers. The only way for us to keep our creativity and fervor for writing burning is to put our golden secret to practice: using simplistic creative writing exercises to let those brain juices flow.


And thats exactly what we suggest our readers to do too, we know that youve got a story to tell, an experience to share and would love to see your words etched somewhere, so why not get to work? Dont worry about getting the perfect result right away, practice makes perfect. Keep practicing the following creative writing exercises, and youd be all set to go!

1) Tell your story

Remember the time when you scraped your knee because of a really bad decision that you made as a kid? Your wedding story? Or how you deeply messed up in that exam and learned a scroll of lessons? Your childhood, love story, middle school, high school, all of these were times when you had something memorable happen to you. Remember, theres always someone who is ready to listen to your story, and whats a better way than writing it on your blog or crafting it into a witty article? The key is to speak to the listener, and that can only happen when you write from your heart. So theres the secret behind all forms of writing: the heart. In our case; even if its just providing SEO content writing services, we let the heart speak.

2) Answer the Questions

Just a standard set of questions or just make some on your own, answer these questions as elaborately as you can. The first rule in writing is to let your mind think beyond the horizons, break the boundaries. When you write, let your mind do what it wants, let your heart whisper what it wants, stop taming it even if talks nonsensically every now and then.

Some questions you can try answering:

– Where did they meet?

– How did they get to know each other?

– Why did they meet?

These questions have an endless list of possibilities, the said people could be two people sharing any form of relationship, and its up to you to tell their story and introduce them. That will surely get your brain accelerated.

3) Pick a word

Open up your dictionary or any book that you find nearby and find a word. Now try writing anything about the term, and if you dont know what it means, let your imagination run wild and create your own definition. Tell the words story, write a poem or an article about it, its all up to you. But pick your foundation right and build it strong. Being a content writing services company, we ensure that play of words becomes a part of our lives.

4) Create an imaginary world

If you couldve anything in the world, what would you want and why? Imagine the magical fairy granting you three wishes, what would you ask for and why? Elaborate your answer and create an alternative universe without any worldly barriers. In that case, yet again, your brain wouldnt be put into a cubicle of monotonous thoughts.

5) A Trip

When was the last time you traveled? Or where do you aspire to go? Either ways, you sure would have had few interesting stuff that had happened, as long as its in the head, it almost seems like a colored carbon copy, but with words, memories and wishes come to life. Write and create a travel journal, even if it looks like a mess- all you need to do is write because thats where creativity begins. To provide website content writing services is to create content for travel and tourism websites too, and we can assure you, writing about traveling the world is the best thing to do!

6) Find Beauty in the Odds

Have you ever thought of something as utterly displeasing to look, but it may not really be the case for many? SEO content writers at Inksplore do find tangled wires and nodding robots boring, but to us words and paperback books seem to be the best things in the world. Coders and engineers may not really agree with us. Some of us find lizards creepy, but others love to pet it. Find beauty in the things that you consider to be ugly and boring, and make it sound like the best thing youve ever seen. Trying to stand on others shoes is good. Good for us all.

7) Those Mundane things

You know how there are these mundane things just doing their job and no one really bothers to think about them? That washing machine was meant to wash and hence it does, that bulb was supposed to light the room and so it did. There is no string of emotions involved, but what if these too had intense conversations and evoked emotions? Create a scene where your mundane thing is the hero that makes the streets cry, that human element you give is the key to creativity. To us, even the SEO ranking has emotions while providing SEO writing services.

8) Your Frenemies

We all know someone who is just right on about invigorating all the annoying cells within. They might seem like your enemy, but are they, really? Have you ever tried thinking from their perspective? An alternate universe where your goodie-two-shoes character and the so-called enemy were friends, and that annoying person actually had reasons to be however they are. Create those reasons, try entering the world of your villain, and who knows, you might be surprised when you write about them.

9)The Newspaper Info

Pick the newspaper near you. You see those flashy bright ads and popping headlines? When youre hunting for creativity, all the world is a paper. Those ads and words are saying something, just take the basic element of them and begin writing poetry or a scene developed from them. It could be that coffee ad or an ad for getting your car at a minimal rate, whatever it is, everything is poetic when you see it right. Got the poetry for these two yet?

10) To live without

Professional content writers or not, we all need to live a little inside our head. Even the finest SEO content writing services in India like Inksplore needs to keep in touch with emotions, which is why we practice this one task. Youve always had the ability to see, the ability to walk, but imagine not being able to do it. Imagine the world of someone who cannot have or do the things you can, write a day in their lives. This makes you empathetic and creative at the same time.

11) The Banter Buster

Arguments are never too pleasing. They always seem to place us on an edge. Pick a topic of debate that would get instantly heated and pick two characters stating their opinions about it. The challenge is to think in two ways, and justify them completely because the other person thinks that is the right thing. Write a dialogue between the two, and let your creativity speak the scales of justice.

12) To Sense and to Say

There are sensations that are far too intense to speak about, and you cant really find the right words to express them. Emotions are never really black and white, theyre more like symptoms, as quoted by this magnificent sci-fi character. Hence, bring it on, tell people how you felt during an intense situation. What was it like feeling fear, excitement, disappointment and abandonment at the same time? Maybe close enough to what the writers who work for providing blog content writing services feel during an exceptionally tightly scheduled day (kidding. Or maybe not).

13) Got no one to tell? Tell yourself.

Not everyone of us always fancy the idea of writing for someone, sometimes writing for and to ourselves is the best thing you can do to boost your creativity and measure your emotions. Writing a letter to your future self is no clich Tumblr thing, it actually is a great idea! Try doing it today, one of the finest and surefire ways to get creative, confident and bold.

14) To write is free.

There is this amazing element in the writing world called the freewriting. As people working in the writing field, and providing web content services and ghost writing services, at Inksplore we tend to constrain our imagination to our clients viewpoints. To never lose the spark of creativity and the unique voice within, we ensure to write our hearts out occasionally, and free-writing (writing whatever comes to our mind and constructing understandable sentences with it) has helped us a lot to remain connected.

15) Those who Evoke

Weve all had someone who come into our life like a breeze and scented those gardens in our hearts and minds at least once. Its the human connection and relationship that evokes the strongest emotion. One of the best ways to improve creativity is to write about that someone, who they are beyond the faade the world sees them with. Your relationship, and their metaphorical self, all this will surely let those creative chemicals flow. Weve been providing content writing services in India for a long time, and the factor motivating us to keep writing and growing are our clients. Its the connection that matters.

16) Those Embarrassing Days

Our life doesnt always treat us kindly. Sometimes it gives us sorrow, happiness, and a myriad of emotions. But the ones that somehow everyone tends to remember are those embarrassing stories you can recount on any day. Surprisingly, as time passes by, you get nerve to crack jokes about it, so thats exactly what you got to do as a part of your creative writing exercise. Pick an embarrassing moment of your life, if possible and needed, make it worse. Now make your character go through it and make it one hell of story to laugh about.

17) The Nerd

Imagine being someone like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. Now thats what we are talking about. Create a simple character who tends to read a lot or is specifically obsessed with a topic and write from their perspective. They may be poles apart from who you are as a person, but they can surely boost your creativity because by doing that youve bid goodbye to your comfort zone. Professional ghostwriters among ghostwriting agencies like Inksplore often tend to do this- they bid goodbye to themselves as an author and adopt a voice that belongs to another, and no one will have a clue.

18)The Morning Write-ups

For some reason, our brain feels pretty giddy in the mornings and usually is unaffected by the drama that would follow that day. To improve your creativity, try writing something every morning as soon as you wake up. Being one of the best content writing services company in India puts us in a position to constantly improvise, and as a kicker to it all, Inksplores professional content writers swear by this technique.

19) The not-so-serious way

This might seem like a very normal thing to do, but as a company that provides the best ghost writing services, we have to say this is fun and amazingly accelerating thing to do for all of us. It all starts with something as simple as writing reviews about the movie you loved or the book. If youre not into it, try writing a recipe in detail. Its all fun and a great way to improve your creativity!

20) The Headlines

We are a content writing firm, no doubt about that. But sometimes, we try to go the extra mile to improve our creativity and tend to what the newspapers do. We create headlines out of the silliest things, but make it seem like a big deal, just as a fun little exercise. Take any hot news wafting around, create your headline, and make it catchy such that people would want to read it. There you go, your creativity is intact!

21) The Inescapable

Create a character and put them in a very grime situation that youd prefer not to be in. Now craft a way out for them. Your creativity would shoot up as you come up with different situations when help seems to be a non-existent element in the universe.

22) Say their Story

You see a lot of people everyday, and we dont really know their stories. So create your own. You see that old man walking everyday alone, that little girl skipping, that mysterious dude in the caf, write a character outline for all of them, let your imagination play and bring creativity to life!