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22 Journal Writing Prompts

No one who has got the habit and the nerve(yes we just said that) to journal regularly slackens in their creativity. And thats a big statement, but we said it, because that is only the truth. However, even journaling requires some sort of push from someone. Journaling is kind of detoxing and recharging, so it has got to be done regularly, but that doesnt always mean we just know what to write out of nowhere. Sometimes, no matter how creative, we need a little push, an inspiration and an idea to begin with.

Inksplore is the best content writing services company in Chennai. A lot of people ask our staff around here how they get to do it. We understand where youre coming from, working as content writer is more than someone who has fictional ideas, this is about dedicating oneself to the world of writing no matter what breaks us. And thats why we cant afford to run out of creativity and the right words to say. And the best way to keep it all burning is to keep writing something or the other. For us, journaling works wonderfully, because it is from the heart, to the heart, and for the mind.

If youre running out of journaling ideas even though you absolutely love it, we have got your back! Here are a few prompts that you can work on:

  1. Write about your Guilty Pleasure

Whats the latest guilty pleasure that you have gotten yourself into? How do you feel about it? Do you actually feel guilty about it? Not going to lie, even though Inksplore has got professional content writers and ghostwriters who can be very serious, we absolutely LOVE to give ourselves a break by watching those good ol Disney movies and eating chocolates that have passed the normal count perhaps too long ago.

  1. The Inspiration Corner

I mean, who doesnt fangirl or fawn over someone? We all do. We look up to so many people for a plethora of reasons. Who is your hero? Why do you admire them, and whats your takeaway lesson from their life? Write away your thoughts about them.

  1. Love and Live

In this dragging seconds of your life, somehow, somewhere, were sure youve felt the spark of affection and love towards someone. Write about the experience, the beauty of it and if it doesnt bother you too much, even the ugly parts about it. This keeps the memory alive, and makes you appreciative of what has come by.

  1. Soulmates

To be quite honest, even though were technical writers and academic writers here, most of the times, deep down when we have deep conversations, huge things come up. To most of us, the idea of soulmates, the possibility of their existence and their meaning manages to waft around occasionally. Writing about it makes a lot of sense, we all have different take on soulmates, what is yours?

  1. Your Favorite movie

Remember that movie youve memorized the dialogues of, and know every scene back to back? Well, once you begin talking about it, were sure you wouldnt want to stop. Write about your favorite movie/movies, and have fun watching them for the billionth time maybe?

  1. Your favorite book

There is always the next article to write, and the next book to proofread, after all, article writing and proofreading when done as a job can get too much at times. But we do it anyway, because we love it. At Inksplore, it is the same thing with books, there is always going to be at least five more books to read for no reason other than to just the feel the joy doing it, but adding one more, doesnt hurt, does it? Yet, we readers have our favorites that weve read too many times that the pages have yellowed! Well, were sure youve got your favorite book too, write about it, and we dare you to stop fawning over the book for the umpteenth time.


Well, sometimes things dont need to be too fancy. We might find the finest inspiration while we write the words of others, and thats we do, whether it be on our journal diaries or sticky notes-its all good. So write your favorite quotes, and if youve got something to add, more words never hurt!

  1. Self-love

There is nothing better than pampering yourself when you feel the lowest or even when you dont. Write the things that you love about yourself, and also the things you need to work on. If possible, do this regularly, just so you can remember how far youve come.

  1. The Milestones

There are days when life seems the brightest. Perhaps, you have felt the happiest youve been all of a sudden, no matter what, when there are big moments of your life, albeit it may not seem so for everyone but for your heart, write them down. Write down if youve smiled more, hugged more, helped more. Just write them.

  1. Your Problems

Between editing and proofreading, and web content creation, Inksplores staff has realized a universal theory- that the best solutions to your problems are always found when written about it. If youre going through a challenging phase, write about the problems that youre going through, the pros and cons of the situation too. Be sure to free-write, in that way, youll come across a solution unexpectedly.

  1. The Gratitude Journal

We love this. Period. Write whatever youre thankful for every day. This helps a lot, and it is great for your mental health. Just try practicing this, and watch your life take a turn.

  1. Explain your Dream

You know those nights when you see really good dreams? Try writing them down, it feels wonderful. It is like reliving a fantasy over and over again, and is absolutely great for improving creativity.

  1. Down the Memory Lane

There are some memories we always will cherish. Whats your favorite memory? Try reliving them by writing on your journal, this is also an activity that would instantly lift your mood.

  1. Your Fear

The best things in life lies on the other side of the fear, said Will Smith. We at Inksplore also believe that, but we have got another theory, even our SEO content writers, technical writers, ghostwriters, social media content writers with all their personal fears like any human has got swear by this technique: Write your fears. It might seem like a simplistic thing to do, but it helps wonderfully. Jot down your fears and how you plan to overcome them, and at some point, you begin to see the irrationality of it all.

  1. Yawn and Write

Some mornings seem bright, while others not so much. Just wake up and try writing thoughtlessly, youd surprised how thoughtful your mind can be in the mornings.

  1. Hush up!

There is something about you that no one would know. Whats that one thing you have never confessed? Dont bottle too many things up, it may weigh on you. Name your journal, call it by its name, and write your story.

  1. Expectations

As a ghostwriting agency here, we do have a goal, and each of our staff does in their different positions. But we have personal expectations as well, something we look forward to the most. Were sure youve got something too. Journal what youre looking forward to the most.

  1. An imaginary friend

Writing for web works greatly for us. But to have a little fun, writing to an imaginary friend on our journal is amazing too! Try doing it, you might be surprised at what youd want to tell them.

  1. Four Things

Write down the four things that you expect in various aspects of your life, like four things you want in a relationship, four things you need to work on, four things that you love about a book that means so much to you etc.

  1. The Worst Thing

There might be something that you feel is the worst thing that youve done. What is it? This is more like confessing to yourself, and then write about how you must get past the memory and leave it in the past.

  1. The Best Thing

You might have done something but chose to remain secretive about it, just to cherish the feeling of goodness in your heart. So write the best thing that youve done in your life, and keep it as a cherished memory.

  1. To your future self

Write a piece to your future self. Dear Future Me, thats how you must begin, or however youd like, but say the things that youd want your future self to know. It is fun and is a great way to evaluate yourself.