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Online marketers will have an idea about the 4 Ps of Content Marketing Plan, Produce, Promote, Perfect[1].


But, What are the 4 Ps of Content Writing? Is that rocket science or as much important as 4 Ps of content marketing?


In fact, the 4 Ps of content writing is a low hanging fruit that will help you to grow your online business.


The assumption of online content being the key to creating this booming online market for ones niche area is indeed true. But the assumption on behalf of the entrepreneurs and startups that creating content is easy is perhaps the most flawed thinking.


Maybe it was true back then when they had advertisements sticking onto the walls and drilling the daily newspapers. But, theonline market is seldom like the real world.


Things are much more complicated and not everyone who calls themselves a writer can be a successful content writer.


This may be hard to believe, because after all how hard can it be? Well, heres the thing- its not about being difficult or scholarly, rather about being digital smart.


An SEO content writer isnt just the one who creates content and fills the content with good words for the audience to reveal, rather he/she is the one who is responsible for the content to rank on the search engines and for the audience to keep coming back.


The line between search engines and humans is blurring as days pass by. Gone are the days when cheap contents ranked on the top, now is the era when search engine crawl into the world where the humans swim and tend to spend their time on. Since the lines are now blurred, we cant really differentiate between SEO content writing and writing for the audience, rather we must let all the elements play together.


The four Ps of content writing help greatly in creating the perfect formula for a killer content.

What are the 4 Ps of Content Writing?
1) Power of Data
2) Personalization
3) Phygital
4) Platform

What are the 4 P's of Content Writing?

Power of Data


If there is one thing that can be quite compared to the ocean, then it should be data. The fact is that data is everywhere and with everyone. Every business in a particular niche has got its own data, but not all of them focus on directing their essential data towards the potential audience.


The power of data is paramount, it can make or break the deal with your viewer. Once you incorporate the habit of feeding your audience with the right amount of data, in the form of statistics, figures, and essential information without overwhelming them, then you can be the master of the internet.


The ultimate goal is for your audience to make data-driven decisions, and for that, you need to put a lot of work.



Only the factor of personalization changes how people look at you. Whats so different about you that they cant find elsewhere? There could be thousands of others in the same niche as you, yet you need to make a difference.


Personalization not only refers to writing SEO content in your brands voice and telling your story. It should also resonate with the audience ata personal level. The readers must be able to relate to you and gain the information that they are looking for.


Some of the practices that you can commit to in order to make your content more personalized could be making it jargon-free, casual and information-centric. Do your research to know what people want to know, and feed them with what they need to know.




Phygital refers to the combination of the physical world and the digital world. We talked about how the lines between search engines and humans have blurred lately, and thats exactly what Phygital refers to.


Artificial intelligence (AI) knows what youre doing, and you also happen to depend a lot on it. From your GPS to your WiFi logins, your devices are keeping track of your activities. In order for the businesses attracts customers through their content promotion, they must enter into the phygital world and forget about the boundaries that exist between the real and the artificial world. They have blended into one.


So are your apps designed in such a manner that they are following the online footprint of your customers? Are you investing in it for people to notice you enough?



Well, whether it be to write a book or deliver a speech, none of that can be done without knowing the audience. So without a speck of doubt, neither can content be written without knowing the targeted audience. You must choose the right platform for your type of content. It may not fit in everywhere, but theyve got to fit somewhere. It is your teams job to figure out where your content is needed the most and write for them.


The digital world has made it extremely easy for us to find our audience. All you need to do is make use of the right SEO tools and analytics to find your target, and then begin writing for them.

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