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What are the features of a Good Content Writing Agency for your marketing success? According to a report from the Custom Content Council (CCC), the majority of the companies outsourced content writing with creative content writing agencies, because they didnt trust any amateur with the job.However, it must be acknowledged that there are a few companies out there who still believe that anyone who writes can be trusted to be a content writer. If only things were that simple.Being a content writer is not the same as being a talentedSEE DETAILS

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Content writing, SEO

How do you strike the balance of creativity and SEO in content writing? And How to write content for people and optimize for search engines?.. Machines are boring, and thats just a fact imprinted on the mind of everyone except the techno geeks and machine learning fanatics.In that case, without a doubt, people are just going to assume that writing for the search engines i.e. SEO (Search Engine Optimized) content writing, should be nothing but a content clogged with facts and keywords for the search engines to recognize. And quiteSEE DETAILS

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21 simple tips for writing persuasive web contentYouve got a great website. Beautiful layout, crisp poetic content, pictures taken from all the angles, description on point, yet somehow your sales are still hitting the rock bottom.We understand how infuriating that can be, you seem to have it all together, yet the final outcome seems to disappear into the thin air. However, after our intense research and experience in the field of content writing, we finally figured out where it all begins to snowball: in the content itself.Content is the king,SEE DETAILS

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Behind the scenes, Content writing

Is it necessary to write content for Googles human quality raters? A few years ago, never would the people have believed if one said that there are actual humans behind Google who rate the various sites according to the content in it.Once the Internet became quite familiar, many merely assumed that they could post whatever theyd like and eventually the visitors would roll in. And boy oh boy, were they wrong about it!Some of the website owners who knew the technicalities knew that their sites would be ranked at theSEE DETAILS

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Behind the scenes, Content writing, SEO

There are a plethora of books heaping tips upon tips to make your business the best it can be. For sure, all of those books have certainly helped many entrepreneurs out there. More than ever before, the youngsters entering this swirling world of figures and services are making it big due to the deep understanding of the tactics, finances and the industry. While the practical elements of business do roll into ones habit, too often, the traditional entrepreneurs ignore that one element that makes the game- the internet domination.While itSEE DETAILS

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Content writing, SEO

Unarguably, the greatest element of digital marketing happens to be your content. The magic lies in there. Youve found a couple of topics to write on, and even managed to form a great team of content writers, or say, youve outsourced content writing to an organization like Inksplore; your job seems to be almost done. It is indeed done for the most when it comes to content creation, and its the content writers job to incorporate the right SEO keywords etc. However, there are a few technical elements that youSEE DETAILS

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Content writing, SEO

Content Marketing refers to creating content for your target audience in order to promote your product/service by channelizing your audience to your online platform. In simpler terms, content marketing refers to creating content for increased web traffic. The wider your audience, better your reputation and higher the conversions. Its a cycle, and an extremely crucial one at that.Professional content writers focus on writing for the conversions by following a few simple golden tips. At Inksplore, as proficient SEO content writers, we ensure to execute intense research to produce the bestSEE DETAILS

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