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Social Media Marketing



Marketing is more than sending out information

– it’s about connecting with people!


If you run a brick and mortar shop, where would you want to set your store? If a great footfall and customer following is what you are after, you would want to be in the first lanes of a commercial district – where the rents are probably sky-high! However, the situation over the online circles ismuch better should you want to promote a website or a web avenue – and it’s all thanks to the Social Media Network. If there is any one place you would hands down want to have your website listed, it would have to be the social media network – the fountainhead of uninterrupted, relevant web traffic.

Social Media Marketing: The INKSPLORE Advantage

With an adroit understanding of how social media platforms function, and years of experience in rendering effective and successful social media marketing campaigns, Inksplore is the provider ofchoice for numerous online businesses.We have dedicated teams to creatively craft and transform social media marketing campaigns,which helps us provide a gamut of services to our clients, covering the end-to-end lifecycle of an effective social media marketing campaign.

  1. Content Planning: Our strategic marketing services are initiated with a careful and intensive content planning, which isthe strong foundation over which the other stages of the campaign rest. Right from niche identification, a detailed target audience research and content section planning, Inksplore’s team can do it all for you.

  2. Creative Content Development: Picking up from content planning collateral, we have a team of experienced creative content developers, who can weave relevant and structured content for effective social media campaigns. Be it articles, banners or other marketing campaign collateral; trust INKSPLORE to take care of it all.

  3. Social Media Platform Posting: We understand that not every platform will give your business the relevant traffic. This is why our marketing experts can assess the specific requirements of your business and designate the social media platforms from where you can effectively drive targeted and relevant traffic to your web avenue. We’ve mastered a wide network of social media platforms, viz. Facebook, LinkedIn,Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter etc. – an advantage which can decide the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaign.

Are you looking forward to give your new online avenue a headstart? Or is an existing avenue in the need of an image makeover over the social media circles? We at Inksplore can render directed social media marketing campaigns and create the buzz you need around your business.