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In addition to our previous article What is content writing: a beginners guide to writing persuasive web content, we have explained the next level of content writing here. If you haven’t read the previous article yet, you can go over it here what is content writingand then get back to this article.

Content Writing Explained

If youve been in this web world for a while, pumping and pushing content to the deck, then you might already know some of the big names there.

Neil Patels guide to SEO content writing becomes the go-to guide for almost anyone coming into the field and so will the word of truth by the prominent sites that provide their two cents.

However, over the years, Inksplore had learned somethingit is that one blind pathway may not work for everyone.

Every business has got a different story to tell, and a different goal to achieve.

Hence, the type of website content to be pumped into the market and the frequency to be adopted must be catered according to your online market.

So what exactly is a perfect content, and does that even exist?

We get you, with all the hassle about it all around us, it seems almost non-existent.

I mean what sort of magic occurs that despite trying all the content hacks, things still dont look up?

In this content writing masters guide, we will be exploring exactly that.

Chances are for the readers of this article to be complete starters. Or the ones who are trying to get there.

Welcome aboard all, for we are going to be building this content from the base, together!

Content Plan

We know businesses cannot run or even begin to function without a solid business plan.However, you should know that plans dont just end there.

Content writing, especially, requires loads of planning.

Believe us, we do not really want to intimidate you.But, if you want to build your fortress, you certainly got to plan how to lay your bricks.Planning isnt really a biggie if you do it efficiently.

Firstly, before you plan anything, you have to get to know your audience.

1) Who do you plan to attract?
2) Are you writing for a B2B firm or B2C firm?

Once you get that figured, you would know what to write and how.

Secondly, you need to plan out the frequency that youd follow.

1) How often are you going to push your long-form content?
2) How often are you going to post on your social media accounts?

Thirdly, you need to keep up with the latest updates in the market and plan to write accordingly.

1) Plan your keyword research,
2) The writing teams tasks, and most importantly,
3) Whom do you assign certain tasks to?

Not all the companies have got SEO content writing experts.

In that case, you have the option of outsourcing your content writing tasks to content writing company.

Just ensure you tell your writing team what you need and your ultimate goal and the experts will know to carry on doing what they need to right from carrying out keyword research to baking hot content that sells.

Focus on creating evergreen content

Well, here is the thing. Everything in this world has the potential to die eventually, and when it comes to the digital world, the lifespan of all its elements are just getting shorter.

Lately, trends have been dying quicker and more frequently than they should.

But, that only opens more rooms for various sectors, including content writers who are required to create content that caters to the whirlwind thats whooping the online world at the moment.

Chances are for many companies to stay happy just where they are.

Theyve got the good ol content lying there, with statistics that is already a year old, and with trending keywords that went out of stock perhaps months ago.

But the catch is that when the content is that old, and the companies dont keep updating them, SEO cant just stand looking at it.

Which is exactly why Google removes outdated content.

And that should scare you, because if youve stopped creating content that doesnt roll well with the current trending topics, then it would be rendered useless, and SEO wouldnt bother to rank your site anywhere near the top.

The goal is to create content that doesnt die that easily.

You need to focus on writing evergreen content that doesnt exit the trending page.

When you incorporate the keywords, it is important to stay in line with whats current; true, but that doesnt mean you need to opt writing about things that would be talked about for a day or two.

Ensure that you write about things that are going to last for a while at least, and make it sound so current that one cannot really know that the article is a few months old, or even a year or two.

Create content in your voice

At the beginning of this article, we talked about how every other business or site needs different forms of content writing.

Well, while the clothing retailer can surely sell their one-size-fits-all shirts in no time, things dont quite work that way in content writing.

As a content writing company, Inksplore has got its own voice to speak with when pushing its content to the world, and there are certain things that are just Inksplore stuff, but thats not how it would work for a company if they are focused on selling healthy protein shakes.

The bottom line is we are completely different, yet the same.

As a content writing solutions provider, we can guide you with our tips, but as professionals, we make sure to grind it in our head to never speak for two people with the same voice.

Your brand has got a story to tell, your vibe is certainly different, so is your vision and mission, hence it is crucial for you to know your voice, and to let the content writing team to know that too.

No matter who writes for you, you need to ensure that its the brands voice, not just the writers.

Content in art means the meaning an artwork conveys.

Our team usually looks at content writing as an art too, due to the varying colors used which might seem the same, yet is painted differently every single time.

There are several content-writing companies, retailers and online education portals, yet each one of them differs in their own way, just because they adapted their voices, rather than speaking like someone else.

And thats all what art is all about.

Being you, and painting from the heart while knowing your colors and audience.

Be pretty technical with your content

Here, we are not talking about your content, but you.

The word technical is pretty creepy and can throw any writer under the bus.

Because lets face it, most of the general writers out there werent cut out for the geeky gizmo stuff.

But, content writers cant really afford to ignore the technicalities altogether.

To create website content, it is always better to know the basics of WordPress, SEO and a tiny bit of coding to alter and tweak that HTML tabs text.

Knowing the mere basics can help you greatly in adjusting how the texts you want to appear at the end.

It is not a lot, just the basics. Remember, the more you know, the better! 21 Rules for Effective Content Writing

Create content that make life easier

One of the goals for any content writer should be to make their readers lives easier.

Well, that does not just mean by answering all the queries that their readers have got.

But also by answering them and feeding them the information that is easier to read.

Because if you dont make your content readable, then theyve got plenty of others to read.

So stay on your feet.

Apparently, the attention span of humans hasbecome lesser than a goldfish, which is to admit the truth, quite shaming.

But we cant have all that we want now, can we?

Hence, when you write, make sure your paragraphs are shorter, and have blaring quotes, and bold letters, italics, videos, GIFs, infographic content and words that are easier to understand.

We understand that all of that is quite a lot to ask, but then again, thats what it takes to be a content writer in 2019.

It is to walk, run, jump and stay put at the same time- sounds impossible, but with practice, its all doable.

Playing the Keyword Game Carefully

Keywords are important, scratch that, they are very important.

They kind of determine whether SEO bothers to look at your content or not.

But here is the thing, the world is changing and it is crucial to know that you cant pull thewool over the eyes of search engine bots anymore.

Google is smart, their search engine bots are smart, and the people who work behind the screens are super smart, and therefore, it only makes sense that you work smartly too.

Know that merely incorporating keywords into your evergreen content wont work anymore.


1) perform your keyword research, now that youve got your list,
2) figure out how to work your content around it.

Life can work in two ways:

1) either the content should work around keywords or
2) your keywords should work around your content.

Either way, both should work together to make complete sense.

Because unfortunately there are just way too many disappointing content out there loaded with keywords but absolutely no message in them.

Well, guess what happens to them?

The crawling bots of search engines and the human quality raters simply kick them out from the eligibility list, and hence getting ranked would be near impossible. Guidelines to write content for googles human quality raters.

Three steps to creating perfect SEO content:
Do your keyword research,
Plan your content according to it,
Make sure your content flows naturally while still incorporating the keywords.

Create your content more deeper and longer

Blog content writing or website content writing does not resemble the content of a book, they tell stories for sure, but just not like them.

You should have customized content, with the right keywords that fulfill all the requirements of the perfect SEO content.

It is indeed a lot of elements put together, but once done right, they do pay off well.

With all the aforementioned, many would assume that readers are lazy, and hence 500 words content is the best way to go.

But no, you couldnt be more wrong!

While five hundred word articles are cool, the search engines tend to show that the content that tops are mostly 1500-2000 words.

So dont underestimate your readers just yet!

They want more content for their in-depth research, one go-to place to gain the most information they can and then with all the insight youve provided, theyd get to relish on the knowledge theyve got from yours truly.

All they want is easier stuff to read, words that comes from your heart and something that breaks down the entire structure in simple words.

Remember when they had books like Microsoft Guide for Dummies and so on?

Well, now its your job to guide your readers in a mere 2000 words, but let them know all they need to know!

Proofread content again and again

While you the poet, the writer, the SEO content writer put into one have done the best job you can, you cant just assume that you got everything done. Because you havent.

One of the most important things to do as a content writer is to ensure that the website content iserror-lessand sensible.

Ensure that you edit your work as soon as you finish writing what you need, proofread it and if needed, get some help!

Too often, as content writers, we tend to write from our heads and hearts which can get clogged with errors, so just ensure you get em all corrected.

If you are struggling with managing all the content creation work alone, consider outsourcing your work to get custom content.

At Inksplore, we work with several companies to create the finest content that is not just customized, but prove to be the one providing solid ROI.

We hope youve gotten to know all that you need to know about building your bricks to write or help your team write the great content for you. Make sure you stay in line, and just know what to say!