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21 Rules for Effective Content Writing

21 simple tips for writing persuasive web content

Youve got a great website. Beautiful layout, crisp poetic content, pictures taken from all the angles, description on point, yet somehow your sales are still hitting the rock bottom.

We understand how infuriating that can be, you seem to have it all together, yet the final outcome seems to disappear into the thin air. However, after our intense research and experience in the field of content writing, we finally figured out where it all begins to snowball: in the content itself.

Content is the king, and we back that up with every piece that weve written (and trust us, its a LOT).

No matter how great your website looks, if your content is ineffectual, then everything would tend to go downhill eventually.

Yup, poetry on your site is great, cool words too, but if you dont follow the golden rules of content writing, then yep that site is not going to be SEOs best friend.

Content Writing Rules


As a company that constantly focus on helping others with their SEO writing/content writing, Inksplore decided to put together 21 killer tips to produce the best content you can!

content writing rules

1. The Rule of inverted pyramid model

Always remember that your audience has a short attention span, and that means that theyre not going to read your entire saga. Follow the inverted pyramid model, whereby the most important messages of your content goes at the top, the supporting information in the middle as you continue your way down, and the not-so-relevant information at the bottom.


This way, you get to squeeze in the info that needs to be conveyed at the beginning, which in turn would retain your audience.

2. The Rule of Readability

Your content needs to be as readable as it can get. Generally, a twelve year old kid should be able to understand the content. This isnt academic writing to get too brainy or sophisticated, the only time we as content writers do get complex is then.


This is your website which is meant for all types of audience, you need to get straight to the point and make your content crisp and simple. No rhetorical questions, riddles or tricks, get creative, but do it in the right amounts.

3. The Rule of SEO keywords

This is the secret of it all, perhaps the most important tip of all. No matter what you do, you need to up your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keyword research game. No more playing around or slackening, the best way to get a better SEO ranking is to create the best SEO content. Fill your content with the perfect amount of keywords, you should neither overdo it, nor be too shy to include them.


Once you get the right keywords rolling in and follow other SEO Guidelines, we assure you that your ranking will look better than ever before.


4. The Rule of Active voice

Passive voice is the element born to drag sentences. When you constantly write your content in passive voice for whatever reason, the entire paragraph would sound boring and redundant. How do you feel about the girl was scolded badly by her mother (passive), the mother scolded the girl badly (active). Choose simple, and make your content look crisp.


5. The Rule of Simplicity

Content writing is an art of saying something in a few words. So keep your paragraphs short and simple, dont drag em or write about a single topic for 10 paragraphs. 3-5 paragraphs are great with the right amount of commas and full stops in between.


6. The Rule of Being You

A lot of people may ask you to be the next Neil Patel, but even Neil Patel would ask you not do so! Rather than being like another great SEO content writer or a web content writer, find your voice. Be yourself and speak for the brand, the people behind it and your values. Dont let other internet royalty intimidate you, the magic lies within you. So let it out!


7. The Rule of Familiar Words

Id love to read a writer who can teach me a couple of new words, maybe one or two per content, but when they overdo it, thats when my spark goes off. Use familiar words in your content; Jargon is fine for highly technical content, but be sure to explain it in extremely simple words. Remember, an average 12 year old must understand your writing.


8. The Rule of Visualization

When your content is one long saga without any changes in its font or length, people are likely to lose interest. Make your content lucrative by shortening the sentences, adding bullets, making a few words bold, quoting certain customer reviews in larger font size, etc. People are likely to notice the larger and the more different parts of the content first.


9. The Rule of Linking

Its not a crime to provide your audience with other sources to explore when you write an infographic/informative article. You can add a couple of sources from where they can retain further information. Better is when you source other related articles on your site which will not only provide them with ample amount of information, but also will generate more traffic for you.


10. The Rule of Writing for them

Youre a great company, but when you keep that as the center of an articles theme, then its not going to fair well. In content writing, the rule is to make your content about them. Give them a reason to care about your content. How would the blog content help them? Is your website content informing them with something of value? These are a few questions you and your web content writing team must ask.


11. The Rule of Confirmation

It is okay to not know. It is okay to learn more. It is okay to ask for help. As much as it hurts your ego, you need to know that youre a human. You may have an English literature degree yet make a few spelling and grammatical errors, and thats okay. If you dont know or if you arent sure about something, Google it or ask someone who knows.


12. The Rule of Editing

Its not always right for you to edit your content all by yourself. But if you do and are really good at it, rest for a few hours after initially writing the content. After refreshing yourself and clearing your mind off the clutter, get back to it and start editing. Or, you can always leave the job to experts.


At Inksplore, we edit and proofread content from all over the world, the trick to keep up with it all is to set the right schedule and a revitalized mind.


13. The Rule of Writing to Answer

Your potential customers are looking for you, and they need answers to their questions. Keeping that in mind, its your duty to answer the questions related to your products and services. Use the catchphrase and the words theyd be using to search for you. Also, discuss the answers to the potential questions theyd be asking. Trust us, with a bit of research, youd find the answers in no time.


14. The Rule of Retention

By the time your reader is done with your article, they must want more. Always remember to incorporate call-to-action in your content. Urge them to download, share or read more by providing the links for performing those actions in clear spaces.


15. The Rule of Multimedia

An infographic article is great. Inksplores SEO content writers focus on improvising the content by adding the right multimedia for the right content. A short video or couple of related pictures/GIFs can make a world of difference to your content.


16. The Rule of Being on Point

The best way to flunk your content is by overwriting. Its different with blogs, and its different with web content writing. While blogs can be elaborated stories and you can drift away with the topic (in a few cases), your website blog/content cannot do so. Stick to your main point, dont float or drift. Talk about the topic and make sure that your readers leave the site knowing something.


17. The Rule of Wearing their Shoes

When you wear the shoes of your audience, youd know exactly what to write. If you were your audience, what would you read, howd you arrive at the website, and most importantly, would you come back for more?


Is your copy writing convincing enough to buy your product or avail your service? When you wear their shoes, youd know it and youll eventually do it.


18. The Rule of Reading

Keep reading content from other websites, keep reading those books that help you or merely teach you new words. When you read more, youd get better ideas out of seemingly nowhere. So keep reading and gain inspiration from all around you because theres always more to learn!


19. The Rule of Dictionary is a writers best friend. Use the site to know the meaning of new words, to define your Jargons and most importantly, make use of their thesaurus. Check out the synonyms and antonyms to write better and just to get a couple of alternative words rolling into your content. You wouldnt want to be repetitive, do you?


20. The Rule of Writing Lazy

In short, write for lazy people. People whod take no efforts to research or look up the dictionary. People whod merely scan, and the people whod just jump into the final action of buying/availing/sharing. Cater to the lazy audience, and watch your readership grow.


21. The Rule of Taking it Easy

SEO content writing isnt easy, but with time, youll do well. Take it easy on yourself, be patient and work hard. Dont beat yourself too much if things dont work out right away. Look for improvisation, not self-pity. If needed, ask for help. Inksplore, being the best content writing services in India would love to help anyone out there with all forms of content writing!