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Some of the most powerful stories

in existence were told by ghost writers

Ghostwriting is an alien term to many who are unfamiliar with content writing, but in everyday life we go through several articles, books, biographies, e-books, novels that have been written by someone but are credited to the person who pays for it. Ghostwriting also involves editing and many major publishing houses use the assistance of a ghostwriter for editing articles. Inksplore helps clients who are looking for uncredited work by creating quality content at cost-effective prices.

You choose whether you need a content writer or a ghost writer

To attract a new audience, you dont actually need to write all the content yourself. You can choose to hire a ghost writer and post their work on your website without giving credit to the writer (of course, with mutual agreement). With Inksplore you have a choice, you can either choose to hire a dedicated content writer or a ghost writer, and you will get equally good quality either way.

Wide area of expertise

If you are running your own blog and plan to cover a lot of diverse topics, it might not be feasible for you to put in hours of research to write every post. It might be more economical to hire a ghost writer or a team of writers that can provide a different perspective and at the same time, offer specialty on varied topics. With Inksplore, you get writers who have written on topics like technology, fashion, lifestyle, philosophy, art, tourism, politics, parenting, etc.

What can we work on?

? Fiction

? Story-writing
? Autobiographies
? Blogs
? Articles
? Speech scripts
? Essays
? Reports
And more

Perfect for authors looking for some extra help

Writing a book or a novel is a daunting task. Sometimes a writer needs a little extra help to finish their books, no matter how qualified they are. Many successful writers use the assistance of ghost writers to complete their work. Inksplore can assist you with publishing your very first work or even help seasoned writers improve the overall quality of their work.


Our team of writers has its own writing credits but has majorly worked on ghostwriting projects. They completely understand a clients requirement, and you can trust them to take your content requirements to a whole new level.