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Proofreading and Editing


Because if it’s not perfect,

it’s nothing

Professional, reliable and accurate

Hiring a professional proofreader can make a world of difference to the final product. Many writers overlook the importance of a proof-reader and hence end up with errors that could have been easily avoided during editing. Our proofreading and editing services are designed to help out those who are looking to create error-free work that can be published for the readers right away.

Proofreading for everyone

Our services are not restricted to book writers, content writers or students. We have helped many professors and teachers in the past by proofreading their research work or reports. We have been praised for our excellent services, and some clients have even claimed that had it not been for our services, they would not have published their work, affirming our position as one among the best proofreading services in the business.

Editing services meant to improve overall quality

Our editors try to improve the write-up by correcting grammatical mistakes, removing redundancies, improving sentences where needed and improve the vocabulary in the required places. We edit out unnecessary words and introduce new ones where essential. If necessary, we even shake up a few sentences and change their positioning to give your writing a better meaning.

 Our proofreading team can take care of the following client needs: 

?  Proofreading articles, books and blog posts

?  Editing reports, essays, thesis, etc.

?  Document formatting

?  Essay check

?  Book editing services

?  Plagiarism checking

?  Rewriting services 

Proofreading experts

What makes an excellent editor? To become one, you need to understand the intricacies of writing, delve deeper into the finer aspects of the English language, know what distinguishes great content from good content and have profound experience in the relevant field. Inksplore’s team comprises of grammar check proofreaders, editors and sub-editors who have over 3+ years in content editing and have served renowned publishing houses, newspapers, and companies in the past. We’ve picked the best from some of the brightest talent and today, they form the core members of Inksplore, redefining writing in their own right and delivering professional proofreading services!

Affordable prices

Our proofreading services rates were designed keeping in mind our varied clientele. Though our prices vary depending on the requirement of the client, they will not burn a hole in your pocket. As a student or as an author or professor, you will be able to easily afford our document proofing services and enjoy premium services, each time.


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