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How do you strike the balance of creativity and SEO in content writing? And How to write content for people and optimize for search engines?.. Machines are boring, and thats just a fact imprinted on the mind of everyone except the techno geeks and machine learning fanatics.

In that case, without a doubt, people are just going to assume that writing for the search engines i.e. SEO (Search Engine Optimized) content writing, should be nothing but a content clogged with facts and keywords for the search engines to recognize. And quite frankly, many sites out there manage to write such content.

The element of creativity almost seems to have disappeared. People no longer really want to read as well, all they look for is the crucial information in the entire content such as the main product details and price.

Many would argue by saying that its enough for the audience to know just that and all that the sellers need is for them to buy the product, so isnt it a win-win situation? But thats where youre wrong, it is not!

If all were going to do is focus on selling the product, when would we focus on building the brand? What about consumer engagement?

The search engine optimized content on your website shouldnt just be for the search engines to recognize your website, but for the users to know the right information, engage with you, and retain you as a trusted brand so that you grow as an establishment. So,

How do you strike this balance of creativity and SEO in your content?


Stop making it obvious!

Undoubtedly, searching ardently for the right keywords and using vital keyword search tools such as Google Keyword Planner and even Google trends (to know whats trending) is vital. However, when you incorporate these keywords in a manner that just shows it so apparently, then maybe youre stepping into dangerous waters. Remember, never stuff your content with keywords! You dont have to have them in every line, repeat it a few times but dont make it obvious. Incorporate the keywords, but only in a subtle manner.

Blend the Factors together

The teams that make your content are both the SEO content team and the content creators who put everything together. It is very crucial that both the elements work together and agree upon the middle ground. SEO writing and creativity are NOT oil and water, rather theyre as dissolvable as salt and water, provided that both the teams agree upon incorporating keywords with the right gist of creativity.


Organic Traffic and User Engagement

It is imperative to drive as many people you can to your website. And how can you do this? By focusing on SEO in all the ways you can, apart from incorporating keywords in the content. Also, by promoting your website or blog on social media sites. But is driving organic traffic enough? What if they arrive at your website, but not find enough content to stay there and further do not get into the business? When you let your team of creative content writers to do their job, theyll come up with unique and interesting content that will actually make them stay and engage with your site.


Remember, theyre still lazy readers

While we did talk about creating creative content and telling stories, we must also remember that we are still writing for skimmers. These readers who visit your website are merely going to skim at the first sight and then, they would decide to either stay or leave. So its very crucial for the content writers to balance the middle path, they have to know to be creative with a few words, and also include content that both catches the attention quickly and then diverts to the depth (for use engagement).

Say it aloud

One of the key tricks that we content writers at Inksplore follow is speak the content loud or in our heads. When you read it aloud or just ramble it within, ask yourself if it makes sense. How would you feel if someone right in front of you were conversing with you that way? It is true that writing and speaking is not the same, but when it comes to creating content for the internet, as in, for websites and blogs, most of the words must be as simplistic and comprehensible as possible. Nobody likes too many Jargon!


Interesting Enough

Lastly, keep in mind that when youve got something interesting to say, people are going to talk about you. People love stories and a touch of professionalization, and were sure that youve got your own background and character too, so make sure you show it. Your content can have keywords, but your content need not be only keywords.