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Is it necessary to write content for Googles human quality raters? A few years ago, never would the people have believed if one said that there are actual humans behind Google who rate the various sites according to the content in it.

Once the Internet became quite familiar, many merely assumed that they could post whatever theyd like and eventually the visitors would roll in. And boy oh boy, were they wrong about it!

Some of the website owners who knew the technicalities knew that their sites would be ranked at the top when their content caters to the SEO requirements.

While that is a fact, every other content writer and website owner must understand the role of Googles human quality raters.

When the content is solely written for the search engines bot, but not the human hearts, then you need to know that things wont look that good for you. While many may disagree, this needs to be imprinted on your mind.

Whether the opinion of the human quality raters matter or not, you must always focus on writing content for humans more than algorithms.

So how to make this work?

Guidelines to Write Content for Google

Google has updated its search quality guidelines recently that enable marketers to follow the best practices on

  1. Page Quality
  2. Main Content (MC)
  3. Characteristics of High Quality Pages
  4. Highest Quality Pages
  5. Low Quality Pages
  6. Lowest Quality Pages
  7. Medium Quality Pages
  8. Understanding Mobile User Needs
  9. Understanding Result Blocks
  10. Needs Met Rating, etc.,

Here you can download the latest Googles search quality evaluator guidelines and now, learn how to write content for Googles human quality raters.

We have elaborated three main topics Reputation, Branding, Bridging that really matter when you write for humans.

  1. Reputation

According to the human quality rating guidelines, Google cares more about your reputation than you think. While this information might intimidate you because youre a newbie, dont let it haunt you. Sure, Google looks at who you are as an author to the site, your bio and the reputation you have in the online world, but that doesnt mean that only the old ones hit the jackpot. As a newbie, you can too.


The best way to increase your reputation as a brand online is by focusing on high-quality content that speaks to the people and for the brand. Your website must be able to answer the questions that people want to know. Once theyve come across your site, do they find the need to hop onto the next website or do they remain? If youve answered their questions and spilled facts rather than made-up tales, theyd know that you know your deal.


Once they rely upon you for more information, consider yourself good to go. They would begin to refer your website, and perhaps even spread the word, and thats how you build your reputation. Its not a one-day process, but with the right elements put into the mix, youll get there.


  1. Branding

So youve got this amazing product/service, but people dont know about it; what then would come out of it? Branding is highly crucial to establish yourself as a name out there, and there are several ways to do it. Humans tend to judge you by the connections that youve established, and human quality raters would also consider that to be an important element before they rank your site.


Make sure youve referred your brand to an expert in the field, or someone reputed to write a review. Even great and authentic feedbacks would work. People tend to rely upon others opinions than yours. They either respect an authority who speaks about your brand to eventually earn further interest or would love to hear from the ones whove experienced your services. As a newbie, you could ask the bloggers or youtubers or a biggie to review your product. Get their reviews, and put this up on your site, and see the difference.

  1. Bridging

Great SEO content writers would know that theres not a world of difference between SEO content writing guidelines and human quality rating guidelines. When you write a content to improve your ROI, there are certain elements that you would keep in your mind, and they include both-writing for humans and the search engine bots.


If youve got a wonderful content writing team, or the right SEO content creator with you, then theyd proceed writing by bridging both the elements, rather than merely focusing on a single component. Merely writing something flowery for the human hearts ignoring the robotic element of the Internet is downright absurdity.


Blending both the components is fairly easy when you think about it, here are a few things you can do to master the art:

  1. Perform proper keyword research and incorporate the keywords into your content naturally.
  2. Write short and crisp sentences.
  3. Be active on social media, talk to the potential audience on various social media sites.
  4. Provide ample options for them to link to your content.
  5. The more people talk about you, the better the impression on human quality raters and the crawlers.
  6. Write often. Dont be a once in a blue moon person.
  7. The more active youre with content creation and marketing it, things will look better for you.
  8. Speak about the real issues out there, and write in such a way that you resolve the issue without rambling too much.

Inksplore has been mastering the art of creating content for human quality raters as much as it works on SEO content creation. We blend in both the elements to do the best we can, and thats partly why our clients from all over the world have always been repeat customers. Our way works, and we truly hope the content provided above works for you too.

If youve got any trouble with creating, ping us and well startle you with content finesse!