How powerful press releases let you announce your news and views to the world?


What is a press release?

A press release is the best way to give your business, event, product or service timely and vital exposure. This is one of the most powerful tools of public relations and it can raise your business to new heights if carried out in a professional and efficient manner.

How to write Press releases that can give your newsworthy announcement an edge above the rest?

A press release is not just another article or piece of content that can be used any and everywhere. Press releases are written is a specific manner and follow certain standards and guidelines. They are meant to be put forward to a very targeted section of the media – and talking of online media – they can be targeted at newsrooms, online magazines, websites and influential bloggers. These media literally thrive on relevant press releases and don’t hesitate in publishing content that would be of interest and influence their readers and viewers. Our PR writing services ensure that your newsworthy information or time-sensitive announcement is crafted in a manner that is appealing to your target audience.

What makes up an excellent press release format?

  • Using new and interesting information that as a feature story

  • Creation of a complete story with all facts and figures in place

  • Creating an eye-catching headline to ensure the press release doesn’t end up in trash folders

  • Presenting information in a way that is not overtly promotional

Successful press release writing gets you not just editorial exposure but it also works as a tool of free advertising.

Here are some of the features of Press Release Writing Services offered by Inksplore

  • We help you get heard in this highly competitive world that’s hungry for information

  • We deliver your message in an outstanding manner, setting you apart from competition

  • We conduct thorough research of your target audience, your product / service and your objectives

  • We craft informative, interesting and valuable press releases that target your market directly

  • We make the content shareable on social media

  • We include rich keyword content to boost your SEO

  • We offer superior content at unmatched rates

We can help increase the visibility of your brand online and enhance its credibility in your particular industry through press releases. Get in touch with us today!