Content writing

If content is king, writer is the kingmaker

In 1996, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates penned a famous essay titled Content is king which predictedhow content was poised to dominate the world of internet in the years to follow and will be the recipe of success for companies that willuse it effectively.Cut to present day and you can clearly see the overwhelming presence of content in everyday life and how top firms are constantly coming up with innovative ideas to promote their products. In just a couple of decades, content writing has not just seamlessly segued from mediums like television and radio to the vast digital space but has also opened up a plethora of opportunities for companies across the globe. Whether you produce a line of t-shirts, run a digital magazine, deliver food online or offer repair services, generating compelling content geared towards your core customers is the best way to make your presence known and that is where you need professional writers who can give your product a unique identity which can boost saleability. From the golden age of television to the booming era of internet, content has always remained the undisputable king in marketing and professional writers have been the inconspicuous kingmakers.

Why do I need a content writer?

In the digital sphere, making your presence known is everything as there are literally thousands of companies out there vying to get the attention of people. From sales copy to online banner ads to social media posts, engaging with your target audience with compelling content design is the best way to promote your product and give it a unique identity. Professional writerscan generate unique and optimized website content that will help your brand stand out from the rest and rank well in various search engines. In the digital world, content writing is more science than art as it is all about choosing the best words to improve click-through rates, carefully placing keywords to improve your SEO rankings, and creating disruptive ads to grab the attention of your target audience. Content writers are specialists in all these spheres and will ensure clarity of thought, good-quality work, brevity, and SEO-friendly content. In fact, with the ubiquitous presence of social media, most companies have started hiring social media managers who are tasked to promote the brand on different social media platforms and take it to an even wider audience than before


What can a professional writer do for my brand?

Professional writers are either freelance part-time workers or full-time employees who are specialists at generating good story-telling content which establishes brand identity and make your product interesting in the mind of the consumers. A good writer knows how to mold the content for different platforms and express the core idea in as little words as possible because less is more. Hiring a good writer can go wonders for any brand as the process of marketing and content writing is a planned strategy to position your brand in such a way that it has the maximum recall value in the minds of the consumer. The process of generating good-quality content starts with profiling the target audience and gauging their needs and aspirations with the help of research and sampling. After finding out the core needs of consumers, writers develop a content strategy with a problem-solving approach to position the product in a way that it appears to be fulfilling the immediate needs of the targeted audience. Thus, professional writing services can help you produce a customized content design to give your brand a compelling identity and advantageous position in the market.

What more do I get?

Any brand large or small wants to come across as professional and credible. A badly written brochure, an ambiguous ad or a poorly constructed newsletter can have a huge dent on the image of any company. Conversely, attention to detail and neatly written copies can go a long way in building credibility and goodwill. Remember, its all about conveying the idea that yours is a reliable and robust company and not some run of the mill, slipshod establishment. Editing and proofreading services can help you declutter your content and make it more attractive as well as grammatically sound. Experienced editors can ensure that the content is logically constructed, does not contain any phrases that may hurt the sentiments of any community, group or gender, and is free of grammatical mistakes or ambiguous messaging. Careless advertising and marketing can be bad for any brand as it not only a repudiation killer but can be very costly. Take the example of a Maine firm which lost a $5 million lawsuit due to a missing Oxford comma in a misleading internal communication to employees!


How can I get in touch with professional writers?

Content writing services are easily available on the internet with thousands of portals offering services of professional writers or facilitating communication between businesses and industry professionals. You can easily visit these websites to meet writers specializing in different fieldsand zero in on the one you think can best represent your product. But remember to hire only those who clear writing and language-related tests and provide work samples.

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Content writing services are a make or break deal for any brand in the world, especially in the digital sphere. Companies these days are pulling out all the stops to generate unique content to drive home ideas and give their brands a lasting identity. So why would you want to lag behind? Find a professional writer online and give your brand a voice and identity it deserves!