Behind the scenes

We’re going places: Shifting base to an all-new Head Office

Being an Inksplorer has just gotten better! From branching out into new avenues apart from content writing to buying ourselves a new coffee machine, we’re on a roll. But topping it all, is our progress from a small home-grown service into a full-fledged firm. Moving into a brand-new office facility last month, Inksplorers now have a new place where they can let their creative juices flow or perhaps unwind with a cup of hot cocoa or catch up on the latest read off the shelf. Deriving influences from our theme colors, the dark grunge look is fittingly consistent with the kind of people who work for us; mystic, moody and maestro of their art forms. It’s the perfect place to be, when one wants some peace and quiet to do some thinking.

Here’s a look at our new place: