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Dont think content matters for SEO? It does and we’ll tell you why

Have you ever wondered how some websites manage to climb all the way from the bottom to make it to the top of the SERPs? Is it sheer luck or perhaps, a bribe shoved the search engines way? Unfortunately, things dont work like that. No one can manipulate a search engines advanced algorithms to swing in their favor nor can one gamble their way to the top. So, how does one get their website to rank high? The answer: CONTENT. As of recent updates, its clear that it occupies a predominant role in bolstering a websites presence on the World Wide Web. A constant stream of engaging, relevant and fresh content is necessary to not just cater to your reader base but to also show search engines that your website is active and is a great source of information pertaining to your industry.

Still not convinced? Heres a scenario that will better explain the importance of hiring content writers and setting up a steady influx of great content on your website:

Youre looking to hire content writing services. You shortlist a few companies based on ads you found online and recommendations from a colleague. You visit their website; spot a whole slew of grammar errors on it, and find their blog empty or with outdated posts. Whats your impression? Youll form a picture of them as an inactive, incompetent and inadequate company for your needs and are likely to seek other options. Thats the power of content; it can make or break a business and its one of the reasons why search engines put it ahead of everything else.

Good vs. bad: The distinguishing factor As per Googles guidelines, here are some of the factors we picked up that describe high-quality content:

-Longer is better

-High-quality images and video

-Proper text formatting

-No grammar errors and correct spelling

-Outbound links to other high-quality sites

-Inbound links from other sources

Whether youre an SEO content writer yourself or are looking to hire content writing services, these strategies will come in handy in bolstering your content marketing and SEO campaign:

#1) Internal content: Maintain a blog if you want to generate consistently high-quality website content. More often than not, a single SEO content writer suffices to keep your website fresh and updated, its better to assign the role to multiple people to ensure that the content has a broader perspective. If youre short on budget, its a good idea to hire a content writing service company that can assign writers on a rotational basis.

#2) External content Adding posts solely to your website isnt enough. You need to get the word out and get your brands voice heard through the clutter. To accomplish this, you need to collect a list of external websites relevant to your business to start posting valuable articles on. Scout for guest posting opportunities. If youve got contacts, ask them for a favor and get them to agree to publish your content. Read this detailed post for in-depth insight.

What does it do for you? Builds inbound links to your website They build your Author Rank Create brand awareness

#3) Looking beyond writing Theres a world beyond the written word and you need to explore it. True, the main focus for SEO content writers usually revolves around the written text. However, looking beyond it into podcasts, videos, and other visual forms of content can greatly enhance a websites quality. Adopting the multimedia approach to content marketing also works in similar ways to written forms of it, and contributes to search engine rankings.

Wrapping up: Remember: The competition is tough, and the fight for visibility is tougher still. With new websites cropping up every single day, theres an equivalent rise in the number of new publishing and social media platforms. Its time to ramp up your game by roping in professional SEO content writers who can add value to your strategy and drive results in quick time.

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