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Content in Essay Writing

We can probably relate to the scenario before almost EVERY assignment, the metamorphosis of how every essay comes to life. The first part being procrastination, contemplating and finally the copy pasting from Wikipedia the night before submission. Seems familiar? Plagiarism, boring content and unorganized way of writing are the top most factors that can ruin any essay.

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There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story insideyou.
? MayaAngelou


Are essays just a bunch of paragraphs?

Out of many words associated with essays, the most used are probably nerds, Wikipedia and boredom. But what if there was a way to craft essays which tell stories and spin the most beautiful web of ideas in our minds? Sounds exciting. Well essays are basically coherent ideas and opinions structured into an argument. There are various types of essays and the way of writing differs accordingly.

Informal essays are more personal and humorous in their approach. Theyre written in a style that is easy to comprehend and does not use complex words. Theyre written about diverse topics.

However, formal essays are usually academic or official content that talk about more serious topics. The style of writing is precise and crisp.

Tell me a story

In our previous articles we discussed tips to writing great online content but the approach slightly varies when it comes to essay writing. However as with all forms of writing, you need to have a beginning that attracts the attention of the reader. What are you going to write about and for whom? If the beginning is boring, the reader will assume the rest of your essay to be the same. If the readers mind lands in mars after reading the first sentence, theyll have no idea what youre talking about.

If you can pull it off at the start and have the reader hooked, then youre close to mastering the art of spinning stories!

The middle part is the meatiest

No, were not talking about the turkey you had for thanksgiving nor how to make one. Although online content writing calls for crisp short and straight forward ideas, essay writing content is all about elucidating your points. The beginning of your essay should set scene for the entire essay and give an idea of what youre talking about. Whereas the middle goes into detail about your content, answering questions like what, how and why.
Content in essay writing is all about making clear to your readers why they should agree with what youre saying or get them to see the scene from your shoes.

Structured and appealing essays are what all readers look for. Your essay should be clear, concise and coherent. Dont clog your pages with words and ideas that make it look mundane. Let your points flow and connect with your readers.


Style it!

The most common mistake many make when writing essays is to keep writing redundant sentences for the sake of filling blank pages. Be it admission essays or assignments, the way you write says a lot about who you are. Readers are always looking for essays that talk about experiences and engaging content. You could have an amazing content plan and vocabulary like Shakespeare but if the way you write is like a lullaby, then people wont probably read more than word or two. Dont be a writer who makes even the most amazing experiences like a thesis but like those who can make even snoring sound like skydiving!

If they can make it to the end, give yourself a pat on the back!

Great essays are all about clear language, the ability to make the mundane magical and one that leaves the grey matter satisfied. The conclusion is vital to every essay. When it comes to mastering the art of writing, every single word matters. The conclusion of your essay should give a sense of completion to your content. Wrap up the main idea of your essay and restate it in simple words. An essay without conclusion is like a burger without bun. Okay, thats tragedy right there.

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